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MNS Auction No:147 was held today (10-04-2011),Sunday.It was started with a great success when Lot.No.1 Queen Elizabeth II, Malaya & British Borneo $100.00,1953, AEF condition with series number: A/1733100 and reserved price at RM6000.00 was sold at a realized price of RM8500.00 after an intensive bidding.

Bidding In Progress.
Out of 143 lots,79 lots were bidded.Among popular items were the Malaya Banknotes and the scarce replacement notes.

I am indeed very happy and glad to meet Bloggers;En.Sabri and friends,Mr David and also saw some new faces.Those regulars were there,they were from Singapore,Penang,Seremban etc.

Good Business On Bourse Tables.
Do remember,our next MNS Auction No:148 will be held on 26th.June.2011. MNS is accepting consignments for our next Auction,kindly prepare your items for authentication on 15th.May.2011.For further information,please email us at or contact Mr.Lawrence at 012-3710951.

Good Business On Bourse Tables.


  1. Hi dickson,
    wow very fast response to advertise this entry.
    My name also you refer..
    I am also really happy to meet you.
    May be can meet you up again next time.
    Will contact you...
    Thank you Dickson...

  2. Dear Sabri,you are most welcome.

  3. And nice to have met you, even though we have met in the past but never spoken to one another.

    Might possibly even bump into you in Subang Jaya one of these days!

  4. Dear malayastraitsbanknotes,definitely is a great pleasure to meet you,suprised to me this is you whom i used to meet in Amcorp mall in many occations.Hope to meet you one day in USJ-I am sure I got a lot to learn from you since you are much senior in Numismatic.Cheer!