Malaysia Rotated Die Error Coin.


Malaysia.Bunga Raya Series.
10 Cents.2010.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
This is the result of improperly installed dies or loose,moving dies.On Malaysia Bunga Raya coins series,the die alignment should be such that when you flip a coin vertically the design on the reverse is supposed to be in the upright position.If it is not,then one or both of the dies is rotated from its normal position in the coining press. Rotated dies error are quite common on pre-20th century coinage so they command little premium.

Malaysia.Bunga Raya Series.
10 Cents.2010.
Rotated Die Errors.Reverse.
93 Degrees.Counter-Clockwise.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Rotation is measured in degrees either clockwise or counter-clockwise,and rotation of less than 15 degrees on 20th century coinage is still common.However,there are some examples with significant rotation,any die rotation between 90 degrees to 180 degrees are considered very rare,which are worth a decent and sometimes hefty premium.

I challenged myself to collect a set of rotated die errors on each denomination of Malaysia Bunga Raya coin series,each rotated die error coin will shows a different of 15 to 20 degrees of error rotation either clockwise or counter-clockwise.


  1. I suppose the maximum degree of a rotated die strike is only 180 degree. Since it can rotate CW or CCW and either die can rotate, a 270 degree would be taken to mean only a 90 degree rotation What do you think?

  2. Hi Dickson,
    You're right.
    Sounds simple to look for these errors but aren't easy in practise, haha.
    Managed to find a few with 90 to 180 degree rotations only after going through hoards of coins which we have already lost count ourselves.
    Ya, were thinking the same as Nu has mentioned.
    Logically, the rotation could be described till 180 degrees only?
    Cheers :)

  3. Dear Nu and Whycollect,welcome your good comments.
    Can you have a rotation greater than 180 degrees? Well is yes and no. There are two different taught of "schools" of die rotation measurement. One of them starts from the "proper position" and measures the offset and specifies whether the rotation is in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Under this system 180 degrees is the maximum possible.
    The other system measures from the starting point but only in a clockwise rotation. So in that system if the top of the coin is supposed to be at the 12:00 position but instead it is at 9:00 it would be said to have a 270 degree rotation.

    THE second system is said to be the older of the two systems, but I think the first one is more widely used today.
    As I was taught by the British Era old Sifu-Sifu,I pratised the second system.But now,since the first one is more widely used today,and the votes now is 1(Dickson)vs 2(Nu&Whycollect).I followed the!
    Happy weekend with best regards.

  4. saya ada sekeping jenis error yang mcm syiling 20 sen parlimen...gambar parlimen menjunam ke bawah...

  5. Dear Koleksi Aku Punyer!!!,
    Cuba buat sesuatu yang agak luar biasa,kumpul satu set dimana setiap biji syiling mempunyai putaran darjah yang berbeza sehingga penuh satu putaran sempurna 0 darjah hingga 360 darjah!
    Cabaran yang unik!
    Happy Niewmismatic!!

  6. hai mr. dickson..
    fakkahqarsh mohon bantuan mr. dickson berkenaan kedudukan sebenar wau pada syiling 50 sen bunga raya...adakah wau berada pada kedudukan jam 11 atau tepat jam 12??fakkahqarsh agak terkeliru dengan kedudukan wau ni..ada yang mengatakan pada jam 11,ada juga yg mengatakan pada jam 12..tapi apa yg pasti kebanyakan syiling 50 sen yg fakkahqarsh temui berada pd kedudukan jam 11..mohon pendapat mr. dickson..
    thanks mr. dickson..

  7. Hi fakkahqarsh,
    Muncung Wau di atas 50 sen harus berada di kedudukan jam 11.00. kalau lari daripada kedudukan sudut ini, maka ia akan dinamakan Rotated Die Error.Putaran yang mempunyai darjah yang besar akan dapat premium yang labih.

  8. emm..tima kasih banyak2 mr.dickson.
    dengan penerangan mr.dickson bahawa syiling 50 sen bunga raya kedudukan wau berada pada jam 11 maka kini bertambahlah koleksi 180 darjah Rotated Die Error kepunyaan saya..
    10sen,20sen + 50 sen bunga raya..happynyaaaa..hehe..
    thanks mr. dickson..