Malaysia 2007 10 Cents Coin With Double Struck Off-Center Error Coin.

Malaysia.2007.20 Cents.
Double Struck Off-Center Errors.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

A planchet is feed into the coinage press and rest inside the collar on the anvil die. After being struck, the anvil die moves upward, raising the coin, the coin is suppose to exit from the coinage press and go to a collecting area.

Malaysia.2007.20 Cents.
Double Struck Off-Center Errors.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

If the coin was not eject properly after having been struck and falls partially inside the collar, it will be struck again. This is how we get the Double Struck Off-Center Error coins.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    We noticed most of these off-center double struck coins have at least a major portion of its rim unreeded.
    Is it possible to find one with a full reeded rim?
    Thank you very much, Dickson :)

  2. Dear Whycollect,welcome.
    Most of the Off-Center Strikes are without reeded edge.
    But all Off-Center Double Strucks were have full reeded edge,because a Off-Center Double Struck coin is a coin that is struck more than once.First strikes,it was struck as a perfect coin with full details,including full reeded edge.Because it was not ejected properly after having been struck and falls partially inside the collar again, it was struck the second time at Off-Center position, this is how we get the Off-Center Double Struck Error coins.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Got your point here.
    Haha, we got confused with a off-center struck and a off-center double struck.
    Thanks again, Dickson :)

  4. Dear whycollect,Always be a happy FIDOS,(Freaks,Imperfections,Defects and Oddities)collectors.
    Happy week-end!

  5. Hello Mr. Dickson

    I like the articles on the error coins. I am a coin collector in the USA and I also collect errors. I may be doing a trip to Singapore and Malaysia in the spring and I will definitely visit your shop to purchase a few things. I will post photos of some US error coins this week.


  6. Hi Peter,
    You are most welcome to visit me in Malaysia.
    I bought couple of books on mint errors from US, they were very interesting to read.
    The mint errors market in Malaysia are still relatively young and new!Still got a lot of room to improve!
    Your comments and guidance are most welcome to better my Blog!
    Selamat Datang (Welcome) Ke Malaysia!