Malaysia Error Coins.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collections)
Where can you go to find a coin that is worth RM1.00,RM5.00,RM10.00,or perhaps even RM100.00 and more?Would you laugh if I said your pocket change?
It is  no laughing matter.You really can still find minting varieties or error coins in your change,or for that matter in proof sets that you can buy from the local Mint every year.You are more likely to hear them called "error coin", but no matter what the name,they are worth cash!
This is one advantage that minting varieties and mint error coins have over regular coins.They have value above face the moment you find them,or as soon as you  can find a buyer for them; none of this need waiting for 20,50 or 100 or 1,000 years for a coin to appreciate in value.You can find it,and sell it,immediately.

Most people begin collecting coins they hear or read something about error coins.The two most common misconceptions that collectors encounter is that every coin that is the slightest bit different from other coins is an error,and all such "errors" are rare and valuable.The facts that only a small percentage of such coins are actually mistakes,and that only a very tiny percentage of the mint varieties or mint errors have any significant value!

That's the bad news...the vast majority of mint varieties and error coins are too far common to have any collector value.Nobody said this would be easy,and it isn't.You have to put a lot of hard work into mint variety and mint error coin collecting in order to know what to look for,and once you have found one,what it may be worth.(To be continued..)


  1. Hi Dickson,
    The two 10sen coins with cuds stand out among the rest in the picture above.
    After seeing them, got to crank up our machine to search for the biggest cud, haha.
    By the way, we are a little clueless about the RM1 coin.
    Is there anything not normal about this coin?
    Phew, all these imperfect beauties.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,welcome!
    Regarding the RM 1.00 coin,the answer will be posted soon!Please "Sabar" a litter bit!Hehe!
    Happy niewmismaticing!

  3. OK, Dickson :D

  4. Hello sir, can I know what do we called about the error on that 50sen upper left?

  5. Hi clorex,
    Thank you for dropping by.
    The error on that 50sen upper left is called Filled Die Errors.

  6. still waiting for the error coin catalogue who originally wrote by malaysian. cheers

  7. Hi wei banknotes,
    Me too!It needs sometime to gather more materials.