Coins Collecting Is Fun!

Malaysia Mint Varieties And Error Coins.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

If you have never really looked at your coins,you may have been missing a lot.The well-equipped collector needs to have at least one hand lens with anywhere from 10X to 30X magnification.
It's well to have one low power lens (10X) to look at a lot of coins and a higher power lens for closer examination of an individual coin that interests you .My personal advice to the beginning collector is to always examine a coin you are buying or selling with a lens before the sale is completed.
As a collectors,you should try to know everything you can possibly learn about the minting process.Nobody said it was going to be easy being a collector. Fun,yes,but to be a successful collector of anything,you have got to put in you passion,brains,money,time and hard work into it! Happy collecting!


  1. Hi Dickson,
    First of all, our sincere thanks to you and Nu for all the invaluable guidance.
    Suppose without proper references, no hobby can grow.
    And probably the best or rather most preferred reference would be no other than the catalog.
    We believe most collectors who started off the hobby during their school days and continued on would like to see value in whatever they have collected.
    So a reference with at least rough estimated values of the respective errors would be very useful in keeping collectors' interest in this niche of numismatic apart from attracting potential new collectors.
    But at the same time, got to admit too, the biggest hurdle here is how to come out with such a guide like the US Red Book?
    It would be great if people with expert knowledge from your society can come out with such a guide.
    And we are certain many would be willing to pay for such a guide if its up for sale.
    So we really hope you and expert members of the numismatic society can come out with something.
    Honestly though we may be wrong, we feel auctions are meant for a selected group of collectors only.
    Auctions don't really help to increase the number of new collectors esp among the new generation.
    Haha, just our two cents.
    Thanking all of you in advance :)

  2. The US's EV community has come a long way which started with their COME, CONE, NECA to their present day CONECA and their 80s' ERRORGRAM catalogue.
    Their RED BOOK is an enviable reference source and much like our local catalogues though they do include some well known varieties and not some those unverified or unqualified errors like we do here.
    It's interesting to see how this sector would progress from here locally. I bet MNS would immediately do all the following at least;
    1. tell off some local publisher not to include some silly die chip as varieties.
    2. constantly liase with catalogue publishers on some error updates
    3. or publish their own EV news and hopefully if they can get some EV's terms right
    4. update their hitherto miserable website on some latest news on errors and varieties.
    5.retrieve some new varieties from some bloggers here if ever they do care to update
    6. you may add more here.

    My 3 cent! (heck I just added 1 more die chip error cent!)

  3. Dear whycollect and Nuchatter,thank you for your comments.As I am still in the learning stage and with my shallow knowledge,I will always do my level best to promote this good hobby.To Nuchatter,Whycollect and others,yours guidence are very much appreciated.With our litter efforts we put in each time,I am very sure we can make thing getting better and better.
    Thanking all of you in advance!

  4. Dear Nuchatter,
    With yours and everybody valuable contributions,and when we collect enough of materials,I am sure one find day we will be able to publish our very own Malaysia RED BOOK! I sincerely thank you for your guidence and hope we all continue to work towards our goal! Cheer!

  5. Hi Dickson, Nu and all other experts,
    We are waiting anxiously with high hopes, haha.
    Thanking all of you in advance :)

  6. Hi! I found your blogg when sufing around. I am also
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    Best regards,
    Martin Wettmark, Sweden

  7. Hi Martin Wettmark,Hi Sweden,
    Welcome to visit my Blog!
    So happy to receive your comment from Sweden!
    Also glad to know that you are also a devoted error coin collector and have collected such coins for more than 25 years. Cheers!Keep it up! Always!
    I will definitely visit your web site on your error coins.