Malaya Straits Settlements King George V (1910-36) Restrike Proof Coin.


What is a Restrike?
When a coin is struck bearing a date of an earlier year,such coin is a restrike.
Many of the restrike used rusted dies,suggesting that these were made from dies discarded by the Mint which found their way into private hands.

Malaya.Straits Settlements.KG.V.
Restrike Proof.1919 & 1920.
(Dickson Niew Collection) 

Malaya regular $1.00, 1919 & 1920, King George V (1910-1936) Straits Settlements coin which has a total mintage of 14164003 pcs. and for year 1925 and 1926 the total mintage was unknown.All dates are with silver composition of 0.500 Silver fine.

Malaya.Straits Settlements.KG.V.
Restrike Proof.1919.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection) 
As for $1.00,1925 & $1926  King George V (1910-1936) Straits Settlements coin are very rare and there are very expensive ( Rm20,000.00 to Rm30,000.00).

Malaya.Straits Settlements.KG.V.
Restrike Proof.1920.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection) 
A RESTRIKE PROOF coin of  $1.00, 1919 & 1920 for King George V (1910-1936) Straits Settlements are sold for RM1,000.00 and scarce dates of  1925 & 1926 Restrike Proof coin for King George V (1910-1936) Straits Settlements are sold for RM38,000.00 and RM55,000.00 respectively.

Interestingly enough, the restrikes command as high a price as the originals struck.

Note:The flaws on the coins are  reflection of light from the plastic cover.


  1. Phew, what a beauty, phiiit!
    Might have been reading too many articles on gold and silver lately, haha.
    Every now and then, seeing a large silver coin, and not to mention gold coin, the heart seems to beat faster.
    Haha, really not a joke but somehow felt excited.
    Noticed lately big silver coins seem to be less seen in the open market.
    Phew, if only we could get hold of yours here, Dickson, haha.
    Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  2. Dickson, Raymond Chang had lots of these Restrikes for sale at RM300 each at one time - 3 or 4 years back.

    At that time, no one wanted these.

  3. Dear whycollect,David,
    Like what malayastraitsbanknotes said,3/4 years ago,sold for RM300 each.And 20 years ago,my Sifu-Sifu told me you get it in bags for RM30.00 per piece.
    End of last year,my friend bought a set of 2 pieces for RM2200.(Hi-Grade)
    Market is always not perfect!Someone from somewhere is still wanna to buy!
    Willing buyer,willing seller,deal!!
    I searched thru past years catalogs,prices only heading north.
    This two years,prices are rocketing north!Haha!
    Dealers said:The catalogs' prices "Bor Chun" already!Didn't reflexs the actual current market situation!!

  4. How do we differentiate between a restrike proof 1919 and 1920 versus a regular business strike?

    I've never seen both coins side by side to know how to tell them apart.

  5. Hi aaronapng,

    Well,is not easy to tell the different between the restrike and a business strike coin.But 1919 & 1920 Dollar were well known for restrike only.

  6. Hi,

    I just bought a set of 1919 and 1920 King George V. Quality seems to be EF+ but needs to be graded by experts. Paid 1000 RM for it from a old collector who was originally asking higher price.

    Will explore your blog more. Cheers.

  7. hi
    i have 3/4cents straits settlements coins make on 1801
    can you help to estimate the value..

    fb:hazadair sartar

  8. Hi hazadair sartar,
    That is a forgery coin, jalan pasar sold for rm15. Still plenty available.