LOT(171)  3pcs.  Malaysia 10th Series RM10 BG 2116311/13 Error,Last digit shifted upwards and partly printed,Ali Abul Hasan's (centre)signature  UNC   RM500.Reliased Price:500.00.

LOT(172)  3pcs.  Malaysia 11th Series RM10 FN 0535707/09 Error, shift in printing on both obverse and reverse, Dr Zeti Aziz's signature   UNC   RM900.Reliased Price:900.00.

LOT(173)  2pcs.  Malaysia 1st Series RM10 A/44 767085/86 Ismail Ali's signature   GEF   RM250
Reliased Price:300.00.

LOT(174)  4pcs.  Malaysia 8th Series Replacements RM50 ZA 0376207/10 Ahmad Don's signature   UNC   RM400

LOT(175)  2pcs.  Malaysia 10th Series Replacements RM50 ZA 2077977/78 Ali Abul Hassan's (centre)signature   UNC   RM220

LOT(176)  2pcs.  Malaysia 10th Series Replacement RM50 ZA 2077997/98 Ali Abul Hassan's (centre)signature   UNC   RM220

LOT(177)  1pc.  Malaysia 7th Series RM100 AP 3192134 Ahmad Don's signature, Harrion & Sons   AU   RM160Reliased Price:160.00.

LOT(178)  1pc.  Malaysia 9th Series Replacement RM100 ZA 0169760 Ali Abul Hassan's (side)signature   UNC   RM240

LOT(179)  4pcs.  Malaysia 9th Series Replacements RM100 ZA 0282182/85 Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature   UNC   RM950

LOT(180)  5pcs.  China Food coupons 1990   UNC   RM20

LOT(181)  1pc.    Indonesia Rupiah 50000 Soeharto 1995   UNC   RM20Reliased Price:22.00.

LOT(182)  1pc.    Indonesia Rupiah 50000 Wage Rudolf Soepratman 1999   UNC   RM18

LOT(183)  1pc.    Indonesia Rupiah 100000 Soekarno & Mohammad Hatta 1999 Polymer   UNC   RM70Reliased Price:80.00.

LOT(184)  2pc.    Indonesia Rupiah 50 & 100 Soekarno 1960   VF   RM150

Next, I will try my very best to make a survey and short list the best lots to bid,populars and HOT items for your perusal! Happy bidding!


  1. Dear blurguyz79,
    You are most welcome to visit my Blog.
    Any way to visit us for this coming MNS auction?
    Try make an effort!
    Best regards

    Dickson Niew

  2. i wonder what happens to those unbought coins? Plus why tin coins are so unpopular. Some advice sifoos!Please.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Hi Sugar Coated Candyman,
    Good morning!
    Those coins that were not been bid will be returned to the consignor.
    Tin coins are so rich in culture,history,politic and economy background yet so unpopular is because the collectors and newbies are not interested to read history,doing research,learn Jawi and there are many counterfeits Malay States tin,silver and gold coins around since many years ago,these collectors do not interested to learn how to detect and differentiate a counterfeits Malay States coins.
    As a Malaysian,we should pick up this part of Malay history where we can trace back to The Dutch Indies,Portugese Malacca coins,Malacca Sultanate coins,Johore Katuns,Kedah Ring Coins,Terengganu Pitis,Kelantan Keping,Pahang Tampang,Perak Bidor,Duit Ayam,Selangor,Negeri Sembilan coinage etc.Very interesting collection that you can encounter and enjoy.