Dear Dickson

With the announced advent of new coins next year ....
would the parliament and bunga raya coins carry higher

I believe many collectors would be scrambling for 
parliament coins, especially those that carry unique
features or quality.

ST Ngoh
Malaysia.1967.Coin Set.
The answer is YES.
If you are a new collector and you are trying to collect a complete set of Malaysia Parliament series of coins in UNC is not easy at all.
Beside the normal dates,those rare dates in Malaysia Parliament series of coins are even much more difficult to obtain,unless you are willing to pay high price,example is the 1971-10 Cents,it may cost you RM250.00 to get one.Others are 1970-One Cent,1969,1970,1071 & 1978-20 Cents
However,they are some rare dates coins although you are willing to offer higher then the catalogue listed price,you are not sure to get one.Good examples are Parliament 1976-Copper One Cent and the 1969-50 Cents.
As for the Bunga Raya series of UNC coins,they are equally difficult to collect some of the rare dates,they are 1997-5 Cents,1994-10 Cents & 20 cents,1992,93,94 and 1995-50 Cents and 2003-10 Cents.

Currently,they is a complete set of Malaysia Parliament series of coins in Kuala Lumpur, from one cent coins to one dollar coins,all rare dates of coins are included,all in UNC to BU condition,being offered for RM5,000.00.
Good luck to you!
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  1. Hi Dickson,
    Suppose its good for collectors to get them when they are still affordable and available.
    This way one need not have to pay through the nose for every coin.
    Of course, some key dates may have to be acquired at a premium.
    Haha, just our two cents.
    Nice article, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Happy Holiday!!
    My own experience,I offered to a collector RM400.00 for a 1969 50 Cents in BU condition,he is not ready and willing to "divoice" with his lovely coin yet!May be I need to wait until their "relationship " turn tasteless!Haha!
    Thak you,whycollect!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    By the way, have you been to any friend's house who's a serious antique collector?
    Got a few friends whose houses where we couldn't even walk an inch without looking left and right every second, haha.
    Really, at times, even ourselves would be thinking, collect collect collect, what the heck? hahaha!
    So guess it may be hard luck for you to wait for the coin you've requested, haha.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views, Dickson :)

  4. RM5K ka?
    who is offering that sets Dickson?
    BU very hard to find for Malaysia Parliment coins, you cannot see that in a shop.

  5. Whycollect,
    I am "fighting" with my lovely wife for every square inch of space in my house to keep my numismatic items.Luckly my hobby just needed inches of space to keep them(Coins),only need square feets when I needed to add a steel cabinet!She will stayed at me for the whole night,sometimes she wins,because she got a bigger eyes than me!Haha!
    Hi Bro,is a gentle reminder for your 1969 50 cents UNC coin too!Haha!

  6. Hi Lunaticg,
    How is new "Kingdom"? Or How is your new "Queendom"?haha!
    I have seen the set of items twice,almost all items are in BU condition.Amazing!
    It was belong to a very serious collector who just came back from US.
    Now is with one of my Sifu,someone offered him 4.3k,no deal yet!
    Is slavery (meleleh air liur) when I viewed through the set.
    Happy week-end to you and your lovely Queen!

  7. Hi Dickson and lunaticg,
    Wow, all BU.
    Macam tu, siapa tak meleleh? haha!
    By the way, what do you all feel about these two options?
    1) Modern coins vs classical coins?
    2) And for a given fixed budget, go for high grade modern coins or lower grade classical coins?
    Which are the better options?
    Thanks in advance :)

  8. Dear whycollect,
    To answer your first question,is very much depend on your budget.Is always cheaper and easier to own a set of modern coins in high grade,as for the classical coins,I will collect the best items if possible.
    To answer the second question,I definitely will go for high grade modern coins.Unless,you need to make up in set for the classical coins.
    My rule of thumb:Always grab the rare,scarce and good in condition!

  9. Hi Dickson,
    Thanks a lot for the good guidelines.
    All these tips will be useful when we are caught in a situation when we need to make a choice.
    Cheers :)