Proudly introduce my Sifu-Sifu,they taught me in all aspect how to be a good numismatist!
I sincerely thank them for all guidance rendered to me so unflinchingly.

From left:
Mr.Saran Singh,author of world famous THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE COINS OF MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967,
Mr.Tony Au,very experience in coin grading.
Mr.Bob Chew,popular numismatic dealer among the collectors.
Mr.Chaw,another very experience numismatic collector and dealer.
Mr.Wong Hon Sum,President of Numismatic Society (Asia),Phillumenic society (Asia) in Singapore,author of 'THE JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF MALAYA (SINGAPORE) AND ITS CURRENCY'.
Mr.Tan Tai Seng,One of the famous 'Pakar Numismatik Malaysia",very experience in coin grading,very knowledgeable in Malaya old coinage.

Photo Session At Mr.Bob Chew's  Shop At Berjaya Times Square,
7th Floor,Kuala Lumpur.On 11th June 2011. 


  1. Looking back, time flies.
    Still remember the first reference book on Malaysian numismatic that we've bought was Saran's 'Pictorial Guide to Grading of Malaysian Coins and Bank Notes' first edition 1978.
    And the book is still with us.
    Hmmm...glad to see you joining the league too, Dickson, haha.
    Our warmest regards to all the sifus :)

  2. And Saran also showed me the aforesaid book when I was at his house a month back.

    Thereafter, I and Saran adjourned to the Pelita Restaurant in Bangsar for our makan session.

    I am glad that Saran showed me the rare JIM Rubber Tapper note with the Black MA Prefix.

  3. terpegun melihat duit2 error dan rare yang ada disini...sayangnya saya tidak mahir dlm bahasa inggeris..apa pun saya akan terus mencari info disini...TQ

  4. Dear Whycollect,
    Do you have extra copy?I am looking for one.
    Can you please post the front cover of the book so that we will find the right copy.
    Thank you in advance!

  5. Dear David,
    That JIM book that Mr. Saran showed to you a month ago belong to MNS. Mr.Wong Hon Sum contributed 2 hard cover JIM book to MNS many years ago.In his recent trip,he presents Mr.Saran,Mr.Steven Tan,Mr.Tony Lye,Mr.Bob Chew and Dickson Niew each an autographed soft cover copy.Mr.Saran's hard cover copy got to return to MNS library.
    Yes,I saw that the rare JIM Rubber Tapper note with the Black MA Prefix too,is not easy to come by.
    Next time got makan do remember to call Dickson Niew!haha!

  6. Kpd duacongkak,
    Selamat datang ke Blog saya.Anda dijemput menjadi follower Blog saya supaya setiap kali ada rencana baru anda akan dimaklumkan.
    Saya harap kami akan selalu hubung menghubungi antara satu sama lain supaya kita boleh belajar bersama-sama.Jangan segan bertaya jika anda kurang faham penjelasan dalam bahasa Inggeris.Saya pun masih belajar dari kamu semua tentang istilah-istilah/terminologi yang paling tepat untuk penjalasan penempaan-penempaan syiling yang kurang sempurna ini.
    Majulah bersama-sama!Syabas!

  7. Hi Dickson,
    About Saran's book.
    Sure, no problem.
    Will be posted in our blog in a short moment.
    Its indeed a great book which we are still using it as a reference frequently.
    Cheers :)

  8. All the sifu under one picture. Thank you for sharing Dickson.
    Do we have time to do a little gathering during MNS auction?

  9. Dear Lunaticg,
    Firstly,congratulation on your new Blog Site,the
    I strongly recommend to all Banknotes lovers must visit to your new Blog.
    Few more Sifu are missing from the picture,they are Mr.Tony Lye,Mr.Lawrence De Suoza,Mr.Ng Ah Lee,Mr.Sia (Amcorp Mall),Mr.Chew(PJ Lelong) and Mr.Thena Nadarajah,the President of MNS.
    Mr.Wong Hon Sum was with me to meet the rest of the Sifu-Sifu in Amcorp Mall except Mr.Thena and Mr.Lawrence.
    We must meet during this coming MNS auction!I suggest we meet after the Auction at the Museum canteen stall.I also invite Mr.Sabri and friends to visit me in this coming auction.
    Since after the first meeting for solid four hours,we never meet again!Must see you there.