How To Find Time To Collect Coins?(Part II).

Keep useful materials close at hand.
As mentioned above,a file cabinet may be just the thing for keeping magazines,catalogs,numismatic reference books or price guides readily accessible.Each collector should also keep material specific to their interests there,as well.
At my desk,I keep a 10X and a 30X hand lens,three good dictionary (English,Malay and Chinese),a list of Sifu-Sifus phone numbers,Saran Singh's world famous THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE COINS OF MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967,Steven Tan's STANDARD CATALOGUE OF MALAYSIA,SINGAPORE,BRUNEI COIN & PAPER MONEY and K.N.Boon's 1786-2010 A COMPLETE EDUCATIONAL REFERENCE MALAYSIA,BRUNEI & SINGAPORE BANKNOTES AND COINS. and a number of other Mint Errors reference books that I use regularly.I also have boxes of coins holders,a stapler,an assortment of office supplies I sometimes needed.I rarely have to waste much time searching for things I need,which lets me use my hobby time for hobby.

Cut down on research time.Computer databases provide a good way to conduct research at your home.Information available is often worth the effort.If you have a laptop computer or computer and a modem,take the time to find out more about these useful services.
Maximize your use of committed time.Carry a copy of coin magazine or numismatic book with you and read it while waiting in the dentist's clinic.While the kids have their tuition classes or piano lessons,jot down your next piece of coin that you target to collect in a notebook.During the 8 o'clock National News,mount coins in a 2x2(beware of stapler damage to coins).Take some good photos on your coins during week-end,etc.
Finish planned projects.This seems obvious,but too often,projects are forgotten or pushed a side.It's smart to have a few different collecting goals going at the same time for variety;whether you want to assemble a nice set of Malaysia Parliament coin series,write a Blog or acquire  more mint error coins,but just make sure you finish them!Remember that each project left undone creates a feeling of distress and unhappiness.
Take the extra time to finish projects because it's worth the feeling of joy and accomplishment you get when you are finally done.Then ,of course,begin fresh projects as soon as possible.Don't lose your momentum!

Find a source of support. Join coin collectors gathering.Attend coin auctions and road shows.Visit coin's website and Blogs.Get your friends and family interested in collecting.Feed off the energy and excitement of others who share your interests.Coin collecting is fun and exciting but it is even better if you can share triumphs (or woes) with a sympathetic listener.

Success in coin collecting starts with using your time efficiently,so develop good habits and get the most from your coin collecting day!



  1. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, you surely have a very good and systematic way of collecting coins.
    Haha, will take lots of adjustments on our part to emulate your effective approach.
    Thanks a lot for the good guidance, Dickson.
    By the way, we noticed that most long time coin collectors have these Maria Theresa thalers.
    Is yours an original or restrike?
    Cheers :)

  2. Hi whycollect,
    I am still learning from my Sifu-Sifu for the best and proven way to determine an original or restrike Maria Theresa thalers.
    I was told there is a "dot' that show the different and there is a book only talking about this Maria Theresa thalers.
    Any one got these informations,you are most welcome to contribute!Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi Mr Dickson,
    I have read somewhere, that a restrike of this coin can be differentiated by the lettering on it. The restrike has lettering of AVST.DUX and the original is AUST.DUX. But I am not too sure about it.

  4. Dear mnfaj,
    Thank you for your good infos,from your lead,I will do more research on this coin and promised you to inform you when i get the details.
    Hope to see you in MNS auction on this Sunday!