Coin Meter Tokens.

In the study of numismatics, tokens are coin-like objects used instead of coins. The field of tokens is part of exonumia. Tokens are used in place of coins and either have a denomination shown or implied by size, color or shape. "Tokens" are often made of cheaper metals: copper, pewter, aluminium, brass and tin were commonly used, while bakelite, leather, porcelain, and other less durable materials are also known.

The key point of difference between a token and a coin is that a coin is issued by a governmental local or national authority and is freely exchangeable for goods or other coins, whereas a token has a much more limited use and is often (but not always) issued by a private company, group, association or individual.
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Eagle Coin Meter Token.Shape:Round.Metal:Stainless Steel. Obverse.
Eagle Coin Meter Token.Shape:Round. Metal:Stainless Steel. Reverse
 It is a stock or generic token, most likely used in a coin laundry. 
One or two needed to wash or dry one's clothesk; so value is about 25-50 cents.

DD Coin Meter Token ,Shape:Double 'D'. Metal: Copper. Obverse.
DD Coin Meter Token ,Shape:Double 'D'. Metal: Copper. Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)


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