China Silver Dollar 1933 Dr. Sun Yet Sen. Graded By NGC: UNC Details.

This Republican silver coinage can be considered the new coinage introduced in China by the successful Tung-Meng-Hui (Revolutionary Alliance) led by Dr. Sun Yat Sen in 1911 against the Manchu rule. In march of 1933 the new central mint in Shanghai began producing the standard 1933 Sun Yat Sen silver coin. These coins have a boat on the reverse.

Dickson Niew's Collection.Obverse.

The obverse of this silver coin has Sun Yat Sen's effigy in profile looking toward the left with 8 Chinese characters above meaning: 22nd Year of the Republic.( the date ).

Dickson Niew's Collection.Reverse.
The reverse shows a sail boat with 2 Chinese characters one on the left and one on the right meaning One Yuan (1$) this coin is known as the "Junk Dollar".

There is a similar silver coin dated 1932 ( 21st year of the republic ) The obverse is the same as the 1933 issue but  the reverse shows the sail boat but with rays of the risen sun and 3 geese flying over the sails of the boat.

This silver coin was to be the standard issue but it was decided by the Chinese authorities that the risen sun was to similar to the Japanese emblem and that the 3 geese resembled Japanese Zeros ( War Planes). 2,260,000 of these coins were struck in 1932 at the central mint in Shanghai of these 51,000 coins entered circulation before it was decided to stop this issue the remaining coins were melted to make the new 1933 issue.The 1933 issue was also short lived. The new currency reform law of 1933 called for all silver coins to be returned to the banks and exchanged for paper currency. All silver coins were melted and the silver sold abroad with the revenue going for China defenses mainly against the Japanese.



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