Forgery Malacca Sultanate Pitis Tin Coins: Sultan Muzaffar Shah 1446-1459.

Rarity:RR (SS 1)

The first tin pitis coinage for Malacca is known to have been issued in the reign of Sultan Muzzafar Shah (1445-1459) and bear his name.This tin coinage was die struck and was know as pitis. The Arabic inscriptions resemble that of coins found in Southern India and may have been influenced by Muslim traders.These tin coins of Malacca   were withdrawn by the Portuguese soon after their capture of Malacca in August 1511 and melt down at the Malacca mint.

Obverse: In Arabic "Muzaffar Shah Al Sultan".(The Sultan Muzaffar Shah).
Reverse:Interlaced Arabic inscription "Nasir al Dunia Wa'l Din" (Helper of the World and the Religion i.e.Islam)
Edge: Plain.
Weight: 3.33gm.

Recently there were many counterfeit Malacca tin coins sold in the market, there were the Malacca Sultanate tin coins, Malacca Portuguese tin coins and some tin coins looked like the fantasy money and yet claimed to be the tin coins minted in Malacca mint during the occupation of Portuguese in Malacca. National Museum of Portugal claimed that they have never issue and mint such design of tin coins in Malacca mint.

How to detect the counterfeit tin coins
Here are some tips that l was taught by my sifu-sifu of how to differentiate the counterfeit tin coins like the Malacca-Portuguese tin coins,Johore-Katuns,Terengganu-Keping or Pitis and Jokoh,Perak-tin Ingots,animal currency, pitis,jokoh; Pahang-Tampang; Kelantan-Keping,Jokoh,Pohon Pitis,Pitis, Petani-Kelantan Pitis or Keping,Kedah-Tra tin coinages etc.

Their appearance generally rather round, with pimplish or small blisters surface.These counterfeit items are usually whitish in colour.Mostly found in high grades with light corrosion.When you use your finger nail to scratch the rim or the edge of a new coin, if it nips easily and show a whitish spot,it is because of the lead composition.
These new coins are soft and can be bend easily.

 As for the Perak -Bidor Tin Ingots and Pahang -Tin Tampang,the counterfeits or replica pieces are heavier then the genuine Ingot or Tampang,because the tin metal will become lighter due to aging and oxidation.


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  3. Hi Lunatic ... This is a REPLICA OF SULTAN MUZAFFAR SYAH...

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