JIM (Japanese Invasion Money) $1.00 MA And MB With Serial Numbers.

$1 MA & MB Serial Numbers

Issued at the end of 1941 or in early 1942, the first series of JIM for Malaya consisted of only $1,$5 and $10 notes. These notes without  dates of origin, were issued by Yokohama Specie Bank,authorized by the Japanese Government. On their faces,'Great Japanese Imperial Government' in Kanji was printed at the centre bottommost; and the small prints of "THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT ", and "PROMISES TO PAY THE BEARER ON DEMAND"  at its centre.The series 1 of $1,$5,and $10 notes had block letters MA and MB characterized by the alphabet 'M' having vertical sides.They all bore six-digit serial numbers.

$1 Note
$1 MA & MB Serial Numbers
MA (EF) & MB (About UNC) With Serial Numbers.
Face features:-
Dimensions            : 140mmx 68mm

Colour and design  : Blue grey with pink grey tint; engraved main design-breadfruit tree left,coconut palm right;  block letter with serial numbers in black at top left and bottom right;finance minister's seal below left fruit tree.
$1 MA & MB Serial Numbers

Faceplate               : Lenght varies between 130-132 mm.

* 1 st digit of serial numbers preceded by block MA starts from '0' and end at '9'.
* 1 st digit of serial numbers preceded by block MB starts from '0' and end at '4'.
* An estimates of  150,000 pieces of $1.00 note of this series had been printed.

Back Feature:-
 -Printing                 : Lithographed on stone plate; grey-blue.

$1 MA & MB Serial Numbers

Source:Wong Hon Sum

This pair was sold for RM1350.


  1. Phiit, really love these JIM banknotes with serial numbers.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Hi whycollect,
    First time holding such pair of rare JIM notes but not for long,they were now with their new 'parent'!
    I left with another piece of MA prefixed with serial number!