The $1.00 Thai Note That Was Never Issued.

The $1.00 Thai Note

At the Singapore Taisei Coin Auction in 1996, a specimen printed uniface (i.e. with the obverse and reverse printed on 2 seperate pieces of paper and their backs blank,usually mounted on cards) was auction off at USD 1,100 plus 10% buyer's premium (equivalent to RM2,500).

The $1.00 Thai Note

Shown below is the face of the intended but not issued $1.00 note.This is a specimen of an unfinished note (without serial number and signature of finance minister).
Left, within vertical column,Chinese characters "Thai Government One Dollar".
Right column has the same in Malay.
Coloured vertical silk threads in the middle of face.
Watermark within white circular window at lower right.

The $1.00 Thai Note-Uniface
The $1.00 Thai Note

There are  put for auction on Collectors Auction House,Singapore,a inaugural auction on 28th July 2012. Lot:101 at a reserved of SGD4,000 

Ref: "The Japanese Occupation Of Malaya (Singapore) and its Currency" by Mr. Wong Hon Sum, page :79 (2 pieces) uniface on obverse and reverse.It is a specimen note.


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