Malaysia 1981 10 Cents With Rolling Fold Errors.

Rolling Fold Errors.

A Rolling Fold Errors occurred  when a newly punched blank have an irregularity finished on the blank such as a burr poking up from the new blank.The burr then will be folded over during upsetting process,and ended up as a struck coin.

Rolling Fold Errors.
Rolling Fold Errors.

A rolling fold is a low, broad, symmetrical tongue of metal that intrudes a short distance into the field,but some rolling folds are too small or too short and only can be seen on the rim.

Rolling Fold Errors.

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  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Puas dicari spesimen syiling rolling fold siri Parlimen rupanya ada disini..haha
    Tahniah Mr Niew,satu spesimen yg menarik,dalam siri bunga raya nampaknya rolling fold error denominasi 50 sen belum dipamirkan dimana2..

    Terima kasih banyak Mr Dickson..

  2. Hi depankanta blogspot,
    Sama-sama kita cuba cari 50 sen siri bunga raya yang ada Rolling Fold error.
    Memang mencabar.