Patani Kelantan Fake Gold Kupang

Since a piece of gold Kelantan Kijang Kupang was auctioned with a realised price of RM2400 (Lot:37) in our MNS Auction No.153 on 30th September 2012, instantly Kelantan Gold Kupang becomes the "hot items" among collectors and dealers. Please beware that there were many good genuine pieces but there were also equally many forgery pieces in the market. Make sure you do enough of "homework" before buying them.

Forgery Kelantan Gold Kupang.

A) Bull or Kijang (Barking Deer) Type
    Gold Kupang:
Obverse:A humped bull or Kijang (Deer) facing left with the tail raised ending in a flourish. A crescent moon above the Kijang and a salivary flow from the mount.
Weigh :0.45gm.

B) Dinar Matahari or Flower Type
   Gold Kupang:
Obverse:These coins with the petalled flower were commonly called Dinar Matahari (sun coins). The petals probably represent the open lotus flower of the Buddhists and the reflects Siamese influence.
 Weigh: 0.56gm

Reverse: "Al Adil ibni__?" (Son__? The Just)


These coins are forgery.Genuine coin design on obverse but with reverse inscriptions are not known to exist. I was told there were made in Southern Thailand in the 1980's. Collectors must beware.


  1. Always were interested in it but never had the funds. Any chance you have two of the same sifoo? Probably i can keep some money and buy from you?

  2. Hi Sugar Coated Candyman,
    These pices were belong to collector, l have not got any yet.