Kamunting Perak Gambling Tokens


A set of 5 pieces Kamunting Perak Gambling Tokens in various denominations were my latest acquisition.
There were 1 Cent,2 1/2 Cents,10 Cents,50 Cents and $1.00.

1 Cent and 2 1/2 Cents were made of aluminium and others were in bronze.Conditions were in very fine to EF condition.

1 Cent.Weigh:1.29gm  Diameter:22.62mm
2 1/2 Cents.Weigh:1.79gm  Diameter:26.58mm
1 Cent,2 1/2 Cents,10 Cents,50 Cents were with Chinese characters 'Wah Hing' and $1.00 was with English and Chinese characters 'Wah Hing' on both obverse and reverse.

10 cents.Weigh:6.03gm  Diameter:28.48mm

50 Cents.Weigh:8.06gm  Diameter:30.62mm

$1.00 Weigh:11.27gm  Diameter:35.25mm
One set (5 pieces) of these Kamunting Perak gambling tokens were put in Singapore Mavin Auction 19 on 7th Nov 2008 under Malaya Perak Gambling Tokens with an estimated price of US200 to US300 (Lot 1045),another set was placed in Mavin Auction 26 on 18th Mar 2011 with an estimated price of US280 to US300 (294).One more set was put in Mavin Auction 29 on 11th Nov 2011with a reserved price of US200 (227).There was a recorded sale realised at US250 in one of the much earlier auction held by Mavin Auction Singapore.
RSP: RM780


  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Thank you for sharing these unique pieces. The one with flowery pattern is the most stand out from the rest of its brothers. I spot an error on the $1 piece. :D