Malaya Johore Mas Gold Coin Sultan Abdul Jalil Riayat Shah II 1571-1597.


A trade coinage in gold for the State of  Johore first appeared in the reign of the first Sultan Ala'uddin (1527/28-1564). It consisted of two denominations, the Mas and the Kupang and was used as far as Patani and Kedah as well as parts of Sumatra. These gold coins were octagonal in shape except for the issue of one reign (Sultan Abdul Jalil) which were struck on circular flans.

A Mas usually weighed between 2.2gm to 2.6gm while a Kupang weighed about 0.60gm to 0.65gm., thus establishing the rate of exchange at 4 Kupang to 1 Mas.

This Lot. 256: Johore Mas Gold "Round" Coin Sultan Abdul Jalil Riayat Shah II 1571-1597 in good very fine condition was auctioned with a realised price of RM4200 (Reserve Price: RM3800) in MNS Auction No.155 on 24-3-2013 recently.

Obverse: In Arabic "Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah"
Reverse: In Arabic "Khalifatul Muminin" (Ruler of the faithful) Within a dotted border.
Edge: Plain.
Diameter:17.20mm - 17.70mm.
Thickness: 1.60mm.
Composition: Gold

I was told by a very serious Sultanate coins collector, he said he has not seen this SS7 Mas Johore gold coin for more than 10 years.It is definitely a very rare coin.

To view the realized prices of Auction No.155, please visit these links: Lot:251-280

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