Malacca First Coins And Banknotes Auction (6 July 2013) By Joson Numismatic Collections

On 6 July 2013, Mr. and Mrs Boson Goh Of Joson Numismatic Collections Malacca organized their first Malacca coins and banknotes auction at Hotel Puri Melaka, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Malacca.

I arrived on the eve of the auction and stayed a night in the Hotel Puri with a group of Singapore senior numismatists.

Hotel Puri Melaka is a boutique hotel in the heart of the old city of Malacca. The hotel is a carefully restored Peranakan house which once belonged to the descendants of an eminent philanthropist and rubber plantation owner, Tan Kim Seng. Extending 100 metres long, its distinct characteristics are its beautiful and intricately decorated façade and the impressive length of the house. Retaining its old charm, Hotel Puri Melaka provides modern amenities to its hotel guests.


Mr. and Mrs Boson Goh started their auction at 10.30am. It was raining but the auction room was packed with bidders. The auction was well organized but the sale was just moderately good.

I believed it will be much better if the organizer allow a short session of morning public preview as I saw most of the outstation bidders were arrived on the morning of the auction day, but the public viewing was closed a day earlier.They did hope that there were photos or images  to view on every lot on the screen when auction in progress but they felt disappointed when only few were available. They also commended that the reserved prices were on the high side,especially to those dealers to thought they can bid some good items for resale.

In deed, good credit should be given to the organizer for their hard work to make a successful auction on their first numismatic auction held in the history of Malacca town. I personally hope and believed that their next auction will be a great success.


  1. all d big tokeys attended the auction!!!

  2. Gd evening
    When the auction was stopped for lunch break,i went down for bladder therapy after which i went up again to look for you...wanted to give lunch at a nearby nyonya food outlet.But you were not in sight.I then left as was not free for the afternoon session.Another time perhaps.
    TQ again for your time in going thro my coins when i dropped by your store last month

  3. Hi QPS,
    Sorry for not sharing some good moment with you.I was busy with some Singaporean numismatists.Hope to see you in near future in Malacca or in KL.Cheers.