Malaysia Parliament House Series 1976 20 Cents With Broadstrike Errors

A Broadstrike is a coin that was struck without the retaining collar in place.The collar is actually the third die and it is what forms reeding or milled on reeded edge coins. Broadstrikes are always larger in diameter than the coin was intended to be,sometimes just barely and sometimes much larger.The larger it is the more desirable. There are sometimes nearly round but there are sometimes slightly out of round.
There are two types of Broadstrikes, the centered and the uncentered.The centered Broadstrikes are struck nearly perfectly in the center and,of course,the off-center Broadstrikes are not centered. As long as all the design elements remain on the coin, except the reeded edge, it is a Broadstrike.If design elements (including denticles and reeded edge) around the edge are missing, it is then considered an off-center strike.
Plain Edge

Broadstrike and Off Center Error.
These two errors are confused by many! An Off center error is a Planchet that was struck partially out from under the dies. It will be missing some of the design of the intended coin. Only part of the intended design for a coin will be struck into the planchet. It can be from 5% to 95% Off Center, BUT a portion of the design MUST be missing on the obverse and the reverse of the coin. 

A Broadstrike is a similar error, but is NOT missing any design on the obverse and  the reverse. It will appear larger than a regular struck coin, because it was struck out of its collar and without reeded edge. It can look Off center and still be a Broadstrike error, if NONE of the design on the obverse and the reverse of the coin is missing.
Plain Edge


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