Thank You !

My Birthday celebration started yesternight when Miss Teresa Bong surprised me with a Cheese Birthday cake in her visit to Dickson Niew Collection Corner.

This morning, after sending my beloved wife to KLIA, I was accompanied by a regular group of "Warga Emas" in my morning exercise.Later,joined me  in my jogging was  Cik Aisyah who is going to celebrate her birthday on the 23rd of September.She accompanied me for a cup of "teh tarik halia" after the jog.

My Birthday became more meaningful when I invited Master Tan Tai Seng to have breakfast with me.Mean while I was receiving numerous of Birthday wishes from sms, fb massages,WeChats,whatsApp etc.

I personally would like to take this oppotunity to thank all of you who are so kind to send me good birthday wishes.Thank you Aidan Work, Mohammed Moidutty,Collector-Chain KL,Jimmy Chiew,Wong See Min, Keppler Yong, Patrick Phuah Yong Tay,Silmon Loo,YHao Wong,Peod Cherempet,JJ KelvinEm,Wei Yen Kong,Billie Jean,Lim Kok Keng,King Miharbi,Stanley Ng Kar Sang,Irfan Rahman,Ming Jin,Ahmad Khusairi,Mohd Salihin Halim,Sha Chiyomika Sharir,Pradeep Sharma,Sean Lim,Emel William,Inu Iswanu,TC Nedim Çolak,Chiew Honda,Ang Linin,Tusin Collectors,Numismatica Cuba,Carmine Montalbano B, Shahirasul Rahman Minai,Irwan Azmin,Alinotes Banknotes,Raul Omar Puccio,Joan Lim,Mohd Azlan Mohti,Joao Jorge,Wong Yew Chuen,Sauder Leong,Samuel Tan,Kang Kim Soon Power,張文聖, Boson Goh,Shareena,Aisyah,Eric Yeap,Winnie Nyew,Cheang Keen Weng,TeresaBong,Utam Singh Randhawa,Jm Collections,Wai Lun, Kay L Guy,Keilingucci 守候一生,Forest New,Muhammad Zulhilmi,Tan Chin Fun, Soo Yee Mun, Dato Sharuddin,Thomas Woon,Yong Jf,Kelasi Kapal,Balwant Singh Sidhu,Khoon Tat Lim,Jay Banknotes,Hooi Yew,and many-many more.
My biggest surprise was receiving a birthday wish from a long lost- in-contact friend from China/Taiwan. Mr Winson Chang (張文聖).An other surprise sms from Miss Fong,Singapore.

Although I am one year older but with your good wishes and supports, I am getting one year stronger in numismatic.Cheers!


  1. Salam 1Numismatik
    kepada Tuan Sifu & rakan rakan kolektor semua,

    buat Tuan Blog selamat menyambut hari lahir yg ke??..
    semoga panjang umur & sehat sehat sejahtera moga banyak lagi bahan bahan koleksi yg boleh di kongsi maklumat,


  2. Hi @$me68PG.,
    Ribuan terima kasih kepada @$me68PG.

  3. Thanks Dickson for the sweet! didn't know its your birthday... Sorry to hold you back.. :)

    Happy Birthday from SingaporeGoldSilver... :)

  4. Hi Yau Chan Lim,
    Great to have you all around, it makes my day better to meet more numismatists.
    Hope you will have wonderful life in Malaysia,do drop in if you are around.
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Hi Dickson,

    Happy Belated Birthday from Singapore and Wishing you n your Family Good Health and Panjang Panjang Umor!

    Baba Clement

  6. Happy Belated birthday..

    Semoga Panjang Umur dah supaya dapat share lebih banyak info & ilmu Numis :-)


  7. Hi Pak Clement,
    Tqvm! Hope to meet you in Numismatic Society Asia Singapore on 19-10-2013. Cheers!

  8. Hi -emeraldz-,
    Thank you so much for dropping by!Dengan izin Tuhan,pasti saya akan berumur panjang! Kamu semua juga!