Malaysia Kedah And Perlis Half Real 1147 A.H.(1734/35)
History of Kedah
The territories now known as Kedah,Perlis and Patani (in Siam) were part of Langkasuka which commenced in the early years of the first century. The State of kedah (also spelt as Keidah,Quedah or Queda) which was named after "kedah" which means an enclosure for keeping elephants, was a very important trading centre as far back as the 3rd century. Larged herds of elephants used to be captured in Siam and sent to various countries through the port of Kedah. Kedah was also used as an inland route to connet the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea. In the 7th century Kedah became a part of the Sri Vijaya Empire of Sumatra which finally fell into decline in the 11th century. In the 14th and 15th Century Kedah became a vassal State of Siam.

History of Perlis
After its split from Kedah in1821, the province of Perlis (also known as Kayang or Indera Kayangan) was ruled as a separate State under the direct of Siam.

This is a Half Real Silver and Copper alloyed coin.It is believed it was minted during the rugn
Syed Harun Jamalullail, an influential Arab trader, had married a daughter of Sultan Abdullah of Kedah and had later been appointed the Penghulu (Headman) of Mukim Arau in Perlis. In 1843, the Siamese handed over the control of the State of Perlis to Syed Hussein Jamalullail,the son of Syaed Harun , who thus became the first ruler of Perlis.

Most of the trading in the early days was done by barter with a supplement of foreign coins like the Egyptian Dinar or Venetian gold Sequin which were brought in by the Arab and Indian merchants.Cowrie shells and Chinese cash formed the small change in the bazaar (market place).

The Portuguese, who had captured Malacca in 1511, had introduced the Spanish 8 Reales (Dollar) in the 1580's. This coin came to be used as a standard of value in Kedah where it was commonly known as "Rial".

Coins specifically minted for used within the State of Kedah (including Perlis) made their appearance in the beginning of the 17th century. Specimens in gold,silver,copper and tin have been recorded.

This is a Kedah /Perlis Silver and Copper alloyed Half Rial coin.It is believed it was minted during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Shah II (1710-1773).
In Arabic "Al Sultan Al Kedah" ( The Sultan of Kedah).

In Arabic "Muhammad Shah".

Edge: Plain.

Weight: 1.82gm.

Diameter: 15mm.

There were several die varieties exist of this coin.
(Source: Saran Singh)


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