Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 1991 $1.00 With 3-In-1 Striking Errors.Off-Center-Double Strike And Mechanical Doubling.
A very unique Malaysia 1991 $1.00 "Gold Coin" with 3 different striking errors occured on it, it is rarely happened. It was struck with a Off Center Error followed with Double Strike Error and concurrently occured with a Mechanical Doubling Strike Error.
Off-Center Strike 
The off-center strike happens when a coin blank is mis-fed into the coin press and only part of the planchet is struck. Each error is different, and is categorized by two different measurements: The amount of the coin design that is visible (i.e., 20% off center), and where the off center design is located in reference to a clock. (The coin pictured would be off center at 3:00.on Obverse.) Some collectors make clocks with an appropriate off center coin at each hour on the dial face. Probably the best known error coin type is the off-center. No two off center strikes are ever identical. The off center error occurs when the blank falls in a random manner so that it is partly off the lower die just prior to striking. Generally, the larger the coin, the more chance there is of the coin cupping, or bending when the die strikes. This creates a more dramatic appearance.

Double Strike Error
The double strike error can be the result from several situations.A double strike can occur from one die. However, the Mint utilizes two to four dies in close proximity to increase production. A multiple strike could also happen when a coin is struck, then bounces from table vibration into the path of another die. At press speed of two strikes per second, this is a possibility, as are other scenarios. This error is the most popular among collectors and the biggest attention-getter.
Mechanical doubling
Mechanical doubling, also called machine doubling or strike doubling, a form of doubling which appears on a coin and is easily confused with doubled die strikes. On a true doubled die coin, the doubling comes from a mistake in the process used to make the coin die itself. In mechanical, or machine doubling, the doubled image results from mechanical issues during the striking of the coin, such as the coin shifting during striking, or the die itself being jarred out of position as a result of vibration or improper coin press maintenance. Mechanical, machine, and strike doubling are all considered by purists to be forms of damage, and are therefore not collectible as an error coin.


  1. Wow Master Dickson, this is a truly beautiful coin. Thank you, as always, for sharing it with us in such great detail!

  2. Tuan dickson,

    Boleh tak tuan bagi pencerahan sedikit mngenai prbezaan ketara antara coin MDD n genuine DD? Saya agak keliru dgn kedua2 terms ini. Terima kasih tuan..

  3. Hi Adly Zar,
    Secara ringkas, DD adalah Die Variety atau perbezaan rupa atas koin yang berlaku akibat dari error yang berlaku semasa permindah design dari Master Dies ke Working Dies.
    MDD ialah Die Error dan bukan Die Variety.
    Ia berlaku semasa proses penempaan.Ia berlaku kerana kejituan die semasa menempa kurang tepat, mungkin ada parts mesin menempa longgar.