Malaysia 2007 1 Cent Coin with Wrong Planchet Stock Error
Rarity: RRR/MS66
A Malaysia 1 Cent coin year dated 2007 was struck on a Bronze planchet.

As of April 1, 2008, a rounding mechanism of prices to the nearest 5 sen, applied to the total bill only, is in force, which was first announced in 2007 by Bank Negara Malaysia, in an attempt to render the 1 sen coin irrelevant.

This is a 1 Cent coin that was struck on a  planchet created for another denomination, we called it a Wrong Planchet Stock Error coin.
The Wrong Planchet Stock Errors.
When a coin is struck on the wrong planchet, this means coin was struck on the blank (planchet) that was made for another denomination. Some examples would be a 10 Cents planchet struck with 20 Cents dies. A 5 Cents planchet struck with I Cent or 10 Cents dies. Coins struck on the wrong planchet are rare and demand a higher premium. A much rarer error is a Malaysia denomination struck on a foreign planchet.
This 1 Cent coin was struck on a Bronze planchet which carry the weight of 2.07 gm.


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