Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2000 50 Cents Coin With 2-In-1 Errors.Curve Clip And Rim Clip Errors.
Rarity: RR
A genuine clip will never show a raised edge of metal bordering the missing metal (which usually indicates shearing) and the details bordering the area of missing metal should not be crisp. 
This is a year 2000 Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 50 Cents coin struck with a Curve Clipped errors located at 2 o'clock position and a Rim Clip Errors occured at 7 o'clock position on the obverse of the coin.
Curve Clipped 
To mint coins strips of metal are passed through machinery which strike these strips to produce blank planchets. These planchets later after being struck by die's and leaving the intended imprint become coins. A clipped planchet occurs when a strip is miss-fed through the machinery. When the strip isn't fed far enough along and the punches come down to punch out the circular planchet they actually strike an area of the strip which overlaps the hole left by the previous strike. This then leaves a planchet which is of irregular shape. If this planchet makes it to the dies and is struck the end result is a coin that appears to have a circular clip to it.

Rim Clipped
These incomplete planchets are sometimes called “disc clips” because they are so small that only the rim is affected. Often the rim is fully upset and the resultant coin shows very little missing metal. Clad planchets show a reversal of the clad layer on the edge. Technically, the term “disc clip” is reserved for clad coinage and the term “rim clip” is used for non-clad coinage. In practical usage they are synonyms.


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