Malaysia 1976 3rd Malaysia Plan RM1.00 With Off Center Strike Error.
Third Malaysia Plan Commemorative coin were issued in 1976.It was minted by Franklin Mint USA.The total mintage was 1,000,000 pieces for 1 Ringgit Copper-Nickel non proof coins.Weight at 16.80gm, diameter  measured at 34.00mm and its thickness is 2.60mm.
To find a piece of error coin on every denomination, the most difficult is from the commemorative issues.Due to its large size,commemorative error coins are very unlikely to pass through the quality controllers.Hence, they are the most sort after by the error coin collectors.
This is a piece of 1976-1980 Third Malaysia Plan Commemorative coin struck with an off center strike error. The rim on reverse of the coin formed at 10.00 o'clock to 5.00 o'clock position is thick and broad, wheres the rim from position at 5.00 o'clock to 10.00 o'clock is flat, rimless.
Off Center Strike:
A coin struck on a blank that was not properly centered over the anvil, or lower, die. Off-center coins are one of the most common and best known types of errors. This happens when a blank, as it is fed into the press, lands in the collar improperly. When this occurs only part of the blank is between the upper and lower dies. When the dies strike the blank, only that part will be struck with a design.

This coin is still in brilliant uncirculated condition and has been aged to a very attrative,natural toned colour.I am very lucky to be allowed to inherite this coin from a very senior numismatist.