JB Numis Club Facebook Auction 2 Special Preview
According to their administrator, Mr.Chua Yaw Long, the JB Numis Club will held their second Facebook Mini Auction on 22nd  and 23rd of February 2014.

JB Numis Club was formed on  December 2013 by a group of numismatists who collect coins and banknotes of local and overseas. There are 3 types of membership in the club; ordinary member, registered member & verified member. The club admins and senior collector members in the club hope to contribute their efforts in educating, sharing information, knowledge and experience, as well as nurturing the newbies in the correct path of numismatic. The club main objective is to provide Facebook users a more transparent, professional, ethical and healthy environment as well as an alternative platform to get involved in numismatics activities.

This is their 2nd Facebook auction. At the moment they do not offer any public viewing on their items. The auction will be conducted in the auction room in Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/186951734830562. The auction room will only be opened shortly before, during, and shortly after the auction.

You can visit their Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/684355651588545/726080000749443 to register as members.

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JB Numis Club Auction 2 
Date: 22nd and 23rd. February. 2014
Time: 8.30pm – 10.30pm

Auction Items: 

Lot 1:
25 Katis, (31.12.1941 & 31.03.1942), Sarawak Rubber Export Coupons, (SKR3c), serial no. 04800 (spike hole), 054876 (edge nick), 054878, 0679018 (spike hole & edge nicks), 071781 (edge tear) & 071995. Ageing, some have no fold, sold as it is, VG - VF (6)
Start bid: RM60, Estimate: RM120-200 

Lot 2:
Australia 1988, Bicentenary Polymer Commemorative $10 in Folder, AA Prefix, UNC.
Start bid: RM70, Estimate: RM100-150
Malaya & British Borneo, portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, 50 cents, (KN6e), 1957KN, key date, NGC graded MS63.
Start bid: RM700, Estimate: RM1100-1500. 

Lot 4:
925 Silver Ingot issued by the Singapore Mint (1993), Bearing the design of Singapore Birds Series $20. It has usual silver toning due to oxidation. Weight : 23g. Size 55.44mm x 25.55mm X 2,20mm , Mintage : 8000 pcs. Issue Price at SGD$98
Start bid: RM200,Estimate: RM300-400 

Lot 5:
925 Silver Ingot issued by the Singapore Mint (1994), 42 g, Size 65.6 x 30 mm, bearing the design of Malaya $1000 banknote during Japanese occupation period, Mintage of 3000 pieces only, It has usual silver toning due to oxidation.
Start bid: RM300, Estimate: RM400-600 

Lot 6:
Malaysia, $1, (2000), 11th series, sign. Zeti Aziz, (KNB61a), Ladder serial no. SG1234567, UNC.
Start bid: RM300, Estimate: RM500-800 

Lot 7:
Malaysia (1976), Enggang, $25, (KN10) Conservation commemorative Proof, 925 Silver, UNC, as shown in picture without case or certificate.
Start bid: RM350, Estimate: RM500-900

Lot 8:
Papua New Guinea 50 kina and 100 kina (Polymer) – 2012 Issue. Both Serial : AA 12 000 321 – First Prefix low serial. Interesting fact, this pair is both issue notes and is hard to match both low serial numbers.UNC
Start bid: RM700, Estimate: RM1000-1200 
Lot 9:
Straits Settlements, K. George V, Dollar,(KN20b), 1920, NGC MS64. A similar coin, Lot 408, NGC MS64 was sold for RM2700+ (incl. premium) at Mavin International auction 35 November 2013.
Start bid: RM1500, Estimate: RMRM2300-2800 
Lot 10:
Straits Settlements, King George V 10 cents, (KN17e), 1920, Silver. Key-Date.VF – sold as it is.
Start bid: RM200, Estimate: RM300-600 

Lot 11:
Singapore and Brunei (2007), $20 Commemorative Folder (Singapore Folder) with special prefixes SGD & BND serial 004 988, (KNB46t). Only 10,000 Folder (Singapore Folder) was issue Worldwide. Another 2,000 Folder (Brunei Folder) was issue by Brunei.
Start bid: RM1200, Estimate: RM1500-2000 

Lot 12:
CHINA KWANGTUNG , 1921, (L&M-151 Y-423), silver, 20 cents. NGC graded MS62
Start bid: RM300, Estimate: RM350-500 

Lot 13:
Malaysia, RM50 (2007), with 50 anniversary logo, (KNB75a) 12th series.Commemorative note in folder.Serial no AA0013532.Only 20000 issued with folder. UNC
Start bid: RM600, Estimate: RM650-800 

Lot 14:
Malaya, portrait of King George VI, 20 cents (KNB8c), 1945, silver.NGC graded AU55
Start bid: RM200, Estimate: RM220-300 

Lot 15:
Malaysia RM2 (1996-1998), Ahmad Don, side sign, (KNB46a), 8th series, Ladder serial number BC1234567. PMG graded GEM UNC 65 EPQ
Start bid: RM2000, Estimate: RM2500-3000 
Lot 16:
Malaysia RM100 (2012), 12th series, Zeti Aziz (KNB74b), Serial no AN 8399938.Radar Number, UNC Start bid: RM100, Estimate: RM120-150

Lot 17:
Sarawak cent, portrait of Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke, (KN15d), 1937H.NGC graded MS63RB.
Start bid: RM230, Estimate: RM250-350 

Lot 18:
Malaya, portrait of King George VI, 10 cents, (KN4a), 1939, silver. NGC graded MS63.
Start bid: RM230, Estimate: RM250-300 

Lot 19:
Malaysia, RM50 (2007), with 50 anniversary logo, (KNB75a) 12th series.Commemorative note in folder.Serial no AA0008417.Only 20000 issued with folder. UNC
Start bid: RM700, Estimate: RM750-1000 

Lot 20:
Malaya and British Borneo,portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, 5 cents, (KN3a), 1953, PCGS graded MS64. Start bid: RM250, Estimate: RM300-500 

Lot 21:
Malaya, portrait of King George VI, 5 cents, (KN4d), 1943, Silver. NGC graded MS63.
Start bid: RM200, Estimate: RM230-300 

Lot 22:
Malaysia, RM50, (2007) without 50 anniversary logo, 12th series, Zeti Aziz, (KNB77a), Ladder Serial no DT1234567. UNC
Start bid: RM300, Estimate: RM500-800 
Lot 23:
Malaysia, 2012, Installation of His Majesty the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XIV, Set of 3, Ladder serial no 234, proof.
Start bid: RM2000, Estimate: RM2300-2800 

Lot 24:
Malaysia, 2007, 200 years anniversary of the police force, (KN89), RM1 Nordic gold coin card. BU
Start bid: RM220, Estimate: RM250-350 

Lot 25:
Malaysia, 2012, 3rd series coins set in box. Only 1200 boxes issued. BU
Start bid: RM250, Estimate: RM280-400 

Lot 26:

Malaysia, RM100(1995-98), 7th Series, Ahmad Don,(KNB43c), Harrison and Sons, Serial no AN5887310. UNC.
Start bid: RM250, Estimate: RM300-500 
Lot 27:
Singapore $2 X 4 pcs(KNB36d) and $5X 3 pcs(KNB37c). 1999.$2 same serial no 469831.$5 same serial no 159101.An interesting set of Lee HsienLoong sign identical serial numbers especially the $5 as only limited Prefixes is issue Interesting note, all 7 notes ending with 1. UNC  
Start bid: RM200, Estimate: RM250-300 

Lot 28:
China, 1972 5 Jiao without watermark, Serial no VI V II 9041273, PMG graded GEM UNC 66 EPQ
Start bid: RM150, Estimate: RM200-300 

Lot 29:
Malaysia 20 cents, Bunga Raya series, (KN12), 1994, key date, NGC graded MS65. Similar piece with same condition was sold in JBNC inaugural FB online mini auction at RM700 in Jan 2014.
Start bid: RM550, Estimate: RM700-850 

Lot 30:
Straits Settlements Queen Victoria 1873 Half Cent - Scarce Key Year, (KN8), Surface scratches and couple nick on rim, GVF.
Start bid: RM750, Estimate: RM1200-1500 

Lot 31:
Malaysia, RM1, 1999 unissued, 10th series, Ali Abul Hassan, (KNB55), Serial no CR7223074.PMG AU55.Only CR prefix available.
Start bid: RM1500, Estimate: RM2000-2500 

 Lot 32:
Japan Yen, Taisho Year 3 (1914), (Y.38), silver dollar, original condition, au - unc
Start bid: RM280, Estimate: RM500-700 

Lot 33:
China Sinkiang, Kashgar Mint, military ration silver coin, 1911, 5 Miscals. Nine stars variety (δΉζ˜Ÿη‰ˆ), colourful toning, vf-ef.

Start bid: RM200, Estimate: RM300-500 

Auction Terms and Conditions: 
1. No buyer premium is required. 
2. The auctionis organized by the administrators, we promise 100% no shill bidding and all bids starts below the market value. In this auction certain items will be opened to members to consign items. 
3. Only verified and registered member will be accepted to participate in this inaugural online FB auction. 
4. Any member suspected of using fake ID for suspicious activity may be requested to produce supporting document for the verification of identity. Failing to do so the suspected member may be removed from the club. 
5. All auctions items are promised genuine and original condition unless otherwise specified.Any defects such as washed, pressed, pinhole, trimmed will be highlighted in the item description. Successful bidder should check the accuracy of their purchases at the time of delivery. If buyers found defects,which have not been well described as above, buyers can return the winning item for refund. However, goods must be return in good condition within 7 days upon the receiving of the shipment. 
6. All lots sold must be settled within 7 days after the auction. If buyers fails to settle payment despite notice, he/she will be banned from participating the future auction or removed from the member list. 
7. All payment is made to seller and the shipping fee shall be borne by the buyer. Standard shipping cost by registered mail or poslaju is around RM6-10, depending location and total weights. Combined shipment is possible if your winning items come from the same consignnee. 
9. There is a minimum bid increment to be followed and stated as below. RM10 – 100 : Minimum RM2 RM100-1000: Minimum RM10 More than RM1000 : Minimum RM50.


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