Penang One Cent (Pice) 1804-1805 " G.F." Emergency Tin Coinage.
This a very rare piece of Penang Emergency Coinage in such condition.It is a uniface Tin Cent (Pice).No date inscrip on the coin  but it was belived that there were minted in 1804-1805.
On obverse, a “G F” in script (for Governor Farquhar) in ring within a plain circle, and countermarked with a Chinese character "Qi "( 啟 ) which means "advance payment" in between the  alphabet of  "G" and "F". The Chinese countermark was made by the Treasury or Bazaar sharoff as a guarantee of its quality and weight.  There were three die varieties exist.

Reverse: Blank.
Edge: Plain.

Measured in diameter : 43mm.

Weight: 30.48grammes.

Composition: Tin.
Code:(Pr 22; SS 23).

Condition: Extremely fine for issue.Casted in Penang.

Thanks to Master Saran Singh for sharing.


  1. Ingat kan bos dickson punya td. dtg kedai terus esk nak beli. :-P