Singapore Collectibles Auction Asia Coins & Banknotes Auction 3. 19-4-2014.Part 2.
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The CAA Auction starts its auction with British Trade Dollar coins. The very first lot is a piece Overdate 1910B/1900-B Graded PCGS XF Details and was realized at SGD180.

In the China Ancient coins, a set of 20 pieces  Warring States " Ming" knife money was sold for SGD550.

The China Kansu province mint in year 3 (1914),Yuan Shih-Kai, Silver Dollar with two big Chinese characters "KAN-SU" appears both side of Yuan's bust, were minted between 1930 to 1931 (about one year only). The silver content was quiet low and the quality were also very poor. They therefore circulated at a discount at that time and were quickly withdrew by the authorities. This piece graded by PCGS with XF Details was realized at SGD7000.

The Malaysia most popular Parliament House coins series are the 50 Cents Milled Edge (ME) coins.
A 1968 50 sen mint error coin without security edge and is one of the finest graded coin known with NGC GEM MS66 (Mr.Wong Hon Sum Collection) was realized at SGD6500.(RM16900.00).If added with buyer's premium of 15% ,the total is RM19435.00

The transitional error bronze sen of 1976 graded by PCGS MS64 RB was bidded and won by my customer at SGD4,000.(RM10,400.00). If added with buyer's premium is valued at RM11960.00.
Malaysia 1967 official proof set of 5 pieces with only 500 set in mintage. All were NGC graded: 1 sen (PF65RD); 5 Sen (PF66); 10 sen (PF65); 20 sen (PF65); 50 sen (PF65) with original box was bided by my an other customer at SGD3400.(RM8840.00). Added with buyer's premium is RM10166.00.

To be continued with more CAA Singapore highlights........................


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