Malaysia 10th Series 1999 Banknote $1.00 CR Prefix Graded PMG67 EPQ.
Rarity: RRR

This rare "unissued" CR RM1.00 banknote with Banks' Governor Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ali Abul Hassan signature in the center was prepared for use in 1999 but was not issued. However, for some good reasons, 50,000 pieces were released by accident through a commercial bank located in the Northern part of Malaysia.

So far recorded serial numbers found were CR720XXXX, CR721XXXX, CR722XXXX, CR723XXXX and CR724XXXX. I was told by a collector, they had found the first piece (CR7200000) and the last piece (CR7250000) but both were only in about very find condition.

Its first appearance in our local catalogue was in the 3rd Edition (1786-2006) of "A COMPLETE EDUCATIONAL REFERENCE MALAYSIA BANKNOTES AND COINS", edited by K.N.Boon published in September 2006. Price quoted for this only Prefix CR banknote was RM500 for an uncirculated (UNC) note.

It was no mention in Steven Tan's 17th Edition Catalogue (2005-2007)  published in 2005. This rare banknote was started to be listed in Steven Tan's 18th Edition Catalogue (2007-2009) published in 2007. Its listed prices were RM250/VF, RM380/EF and RM750 for an UNC note.

In the year of 2008, when K.N. Boon published his 4th Edition Catalogue, the listed price for a piece of this rare CR RM1.00 banknote in UNC condition was surged to a new record high of RM2300. In Steven Tan's 19th Edition Catalogue published in 2010, it was priced at RM1800 only for an UNC note.

Two years later, in 2012, when K.N.Boon's 6th Edition Catalogue was published, a new record price was listed at RM2800 for an UNC note. Steven Tan listed RM2400 in his 20th Edition Catalogue published in 2012.

In K.N. Boon latest catalogue, published just two months ago, he had priced this  rare "unissued" CR banknote at RM3500. A couple of months ago, my Singaporean numismatic friend had bidded an uncirculated CR RM1.00 in a Singapore local international auction house for SGD 2,300.(RM6877 including buyer's premium).

Last Sunday, I met an local renown numismatist in Amcorp Mall, he told me his client had just sold 4 pieces of UNC (not graded by PMG) rare CR RM1.00 Banknotes in running numbers to a Singaporean collector for RM24,000. Cheers!


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