Malaysia 1982 Sen Struck On Copper Nickel Planchet.
 From 1967 to early 1973, all Malaysia Parliament House Series One Cent coins were struck on Copper Planchets. From second half of 1973 to 1988,the material used to mint one cent was replaced with Copper Clad Steel planchets.
However in year 1976, in Mr. Steven Tan Catalog, it was recorded there were less than 100 pieces known to exist minted with Bronze planchet.In 1979, two specimens of Malaysia Parliament House Series One Cent coins were minted on Nickel planchet.
In my recent trip to Singapore, I collected this very rare One Cent Parliament coin minted in 1982 on a Copper-Nickel Planchet. It was graded by NGC in UNC Details, because it was a piece of Environmental Damaged coin. On its obverse, it exhibited some spots of rusty pits.
This is a Wrong Stock (Metal, Planchet) Error. A Wrong Stock Error is a coin struck on a planchet intended for a denomination of a different composition.


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