Malay States Sultanate Patani-Kelantan Gold Kupang.
Malaysia has a long history of using money. Did you know that one of the early forms of currency used during the Central Malay States of the Malay Peninsula were solid tin ingots that had roughly the same weight and purity?
Tin mining has always been a major industry in the area so tin was used in many forms of currencies used throughout Malaysian history. There were also gold coins that were used during the Malay States period that were made by cutting metal discs or octagonal planchets taken from sheets of gold. These were then struck between pairs of inscribed dies.
There were two denominations, the Mas and the Kupang, which were used as far north as Patani, Kelatan, Terengganu and Kedah, and even in parts of Sumatra. An Mas normally weighed between 36 and 40 grains (2.60gm) of gold, while a Kupang about 9 to 10 grains (0.65gm), thus establishing the rate of exchange at 4 Kupang to 1 Mas.)

Obverse: In Arabic " Malik Al Adil" (The Just Ruler)

Reverse: In Arabic "Khalifatul Muminin" (Ruler of the faithful)
Edge: Plain.
Weight: 0.60gm.
Diameter: 9.0-9.5mm
Composition : Gold.

Bank Negara Malaysia’s Money Museum has many facts about the evolution of money in Malaysia. Pattani (Patani) or the Sultanate of Pattani was a Malay sultanate that covered approximately the area of the modern Thai provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and much of the northern part of modern Malaysia.

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