Malaysia Parliament House Series 1985 50 Cents Counterfeit Coin Graded By NGC AU Details.
I still believed that the Parliament House series 1985 50 Cents counterfeit coin is the best contemporary counterfeits that I had came across in Malaysia so far.This coin was circulated freely for almost 20 years without being detected,one piece even once past the stringent authentication of a few Pakar Numismatik Malaysia in one of the MNS Auction as missing "i" variety.

And now, it was even graded as genuine coin by NGC in AU Details.

In 2005,it was spotted by Mr.Tony Aw, a very senior Malaysia numismatist, he confirmed a similar 1985 50 Cents coin is a counterfeit coin in one of the MNS Auction's authentication meeting.

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Few days ago, Mr. MK Wong, a senior coins collector came to my Dickson Niew Collection shop at Subang Jaya. He came to my shop with a motive to show me a piece of Parliament House series 1985 50 Cents counterfeit coin. It was graded by NGC, a professional coin grading house in US as a genuine coin with AU Details- Surface Hairlines.
He asked me, "How can an international professional coin grading house made such mistake?" , "We paid their professional charges, but in returned they keep making mistake!", " Yes, they asked us to send back those wrongly graded coins to them, no extra charges to be re-capsulated, but we still need to bare the insurance and shipping cost!" "Or our coins are being graded by their trainee graders?"

More story on mistake in encapsulation by NGC:


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