Counterfeit Petani-Kelantan  Debased Gold Kijang Kupang.

During my recent trip to down South, I was very lucky to be given a chance to view a collection of forgery Malay States Sultanate coinage belonged to a very senior numismatist from Singapore.

Among the forgery Malay States Sultanate coinage, that is a piece of Petani-Kelantan "Gold" Kijang Kupang. Due to its "gold"(suppose to be) already toned to reddish color, I believed that it was a contemporary counterfeit debased "gold" Kijang Kupang.

I was told by this senior numismatist, he has been keeping it for more than 10 over years. His statement was supported with the natural toned color of the debased gold material.
On the obverse, the bull / Kijang (Deer) was designed facing to the left  with ectoplasm,no hump with tail raised without touching the Circle (Sun) or the moon. It also exhibited the bull / Kijang (Deer) was with two pair of shorter leg.

On the reverse in Arabic is " Malik Al Adil" in inscription of three lines of crude writting.

Sorry, I have no chance to take the weight because I didn't bring along my digital weighing machine.


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