Patani "Gold Kupang" With Incused "Malik Al Adil" On The Reverse.
Few days ago, my good friend from Patani, Thailand posted me a piece of "Gold Kupang", he wanted me to do a details research on his "Gold Kupang".

It was a big size Kupang with a diameter measured at 17.00mm. The weight is 1.17 gm. The size was bigger then a normal Gold Kupang of 10.00mm and the weight was double the weight of a normal Gold Kupang of 0.60gm.
Obverse: " Malik Al Adil"
On the obverse in Arabic inscription " Malik Al Adil" and on the reverse is also in Arabic inscription " Malik Al Adil" but it was in mirror image or retrograde. It was a struck coin but it exhibited an incused "Malik Al Adil" in Arabic lettering on the reverse liked a Brockage Error.
Reverse: Incused in Arabic " Malik Al Adil".
When I received this Patani "Double Gold Kupang", it was in reddish gold colour, it shined in more golden colour after I did some light cleaning with soup.

I referred to a few Sultanate Coins sifus. There were replied with different comments. One said it is a counterfeit Kupang. Another said it is an ornaments. Master Tan Tai Seng said it may be not made of gold material, because if with such size it should be measured much heavier on weight.

Could it be a counterfeit "Gold Kupang"  or a counterfeit "Double Gold Kupang" coin ?
Could it be a genuine Patani Gold Kupang that was well accepted and was widely used in Patani?
Could it be an ornament coin made for prayer ceremony or as a gift item on special occasion in Patani?
The Edge.
Please contribute your good comments ! Thank you in advance.


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