The Webbing Of Coin Blanking
The first step in the coin making process involves the feeding of the metal strips through what is known as a "blanking" press.The production process of coin blanks starts with a material spool from which coin blanks are cut.
The strips come rolled in a coil.It is very important that the strip is handled with extreme care so that the surface is not scratched and the maximum yield of blanks is acquired. Each coil is fed through a blanking press, which punches out round discs called blanks.
The blank presses have a bank of punches (or rams) which travel downward through the strip of coinage metal and into a steel bedplate which has holes corresponding to the punches. The presses punch out blanks each time the punches make their downward cycle. After the blanks are cut, they are individually inspected, the inspection criteria being, weight, diameter, and visual acceptance. Blanks are placed in an annealing furnace to relieve stress. The furnace is an open-ended steel belt furnace, equipped with heating and cooling zones that are protected by a continuous flow of inert gas. After stress relieving, the blanks are placed in a heated acid solution to eliminate any surface contamination. The blanks are now ready to be used.
The leftover strip, called webbing is shredded and recycled. .

The Webbing Of Coin Blanking
Special thanks to Mr.U. from Singapore for sharing his piece of webbing metal sheet.

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