Counterfeit 1841 Sarawak 1 Keping Brass Token
The 1841 Sarawak 1 Keping Token are a legitimate regal issue of Rajah James Brooke of Sarawak and were struck in copper or brass, the later being the scarcer variety.

In this article, you will find 1841 Sarawak 1 Keping Token prices, images and specifications.
The coin obverse show a badger facing left; under it are the initials J.B (James Brooke) and the date SEPt. 24 1841. The badger, or brock, is derived from the crest of the Brooke arms.
The coin reverse was struck from an old worn out die bearing the denomination "satu keping" (one keping) in Arabic and the date 1247A.H (1831) which had been used earlier for the striking of the Singapore Merchant Token.

Rajah James Brooke 1 keping coin Technical Specifications:
Denomination: 1 keping
Issued By: James Brooke, Sarawak
Year: 1841
Mint: N/V
Shape: Round
Material:Brass, Copper
Dimensions: 21.5 mm (Diameter)
Weight: 1.75 g
Coin Edge:Plain
References: KM#Tn1 (copper), KM# Tn1a (brass).

1841 Sarawak 1 keping token price:
Year   Mintage       Note            V.Fine             E.Fine           Uncirculated          Proof
1841  unknown       Brass        RM19800         RM39600            RM79200             RRRR
1841  unknown     Copper      RM16200         RM36000            RM72000             RRRR

Counterfeit of the Sarawak 1841 keping came on to the market in 1971 and have since caused many a headache to collectors.

Counterfeit Brass Token. Obverse.
Counterfeit Brass Token. Reverse.
How to differentiate and detect a counterfeit 1841 Sarawak 1 Keping Token:
(1) The hair on the badger of a original token is very clear; the hair on the counterfeits tokens are missing.
(2) The lettering on the obverse and reverse of the original token are always very neat and sharp, it is different on a counterfeits.
(3) The beads around the rim are not equal in size on a counterfeit token.
(4) The most obvious difference is that there is a dot after the initials J.B.on a counterfeit coin but there is  no dot after the initials J.B on the obverse of a genuine coin.
(5)The weight of a counterfeit token is always vary from an original token.

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