On 25-1-2015 noon, after the lunch, Mr.Wong Hon Sum and me were well received by  Mr. Mateo Zhao, the Business Development Director of NGC, PMG, CCS,CGS, Shanghai.

Mr. Mateo Zhao brought us to visit the Yuen Zhou Complex, a building just about 200 meters away from our hotel which was fully occupied by numismatic stalls on the 4th to the 6th floor. Mr.Ji Ang, the Marketing Manager of Pelita Segar Sdn Bhd's office was located on the 4th floor. There were more than hundred of numismatic and philatelic stalls, they are mostly dealing with Chinese coins, banknotes and stamps.

At night, Mr. Ji Ang insisted to bring us for dinner. Before the dinner, he brought us to visit some tourist spots.

Tian Tzifang, is a very interesting night tourist spot. It was like our "Kampung Bharu" in Kuala Lumpur. The local authority invited the resident to move out and maintained the actual design of every home and street. They converted the residential homes to become specialty stalls.They were local delicacies as well as western fast food outlets. Very interesting. I suggest the DBKL may want to visit this Tian Tzifang in Shanghai, China and may consider to use the same idea to develop our Kampung Bharu in future.

We were brought to a restaurant where the former US president Mr. Bill Clinton was having his dinner when he visited China. Good food were served.

 To be continued.....


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