I was arrived in Singapore on 26-3-2015 morning. I went to Tanjung Pagar to visit Mr Wong Hon Sum for breakfast. Then I visited and paid tribute to father of Singapore Mr. Lee Kuan Yew at the community center.
Mr.Wong and I rushed to Monetarium Auction at noon, just before their break for lunch. I met many Singapore numismatists and a few Malaysia numismatists during the lunch break.
Then we went to pick up our special guess pass for the Singapore International Coin Fair 2015 at the Marina Bay Sands.
On 27-3-2015, the first day of Singapore International Coin Fair 2015, I met many more Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong,Thailand, America, Australia, Germany, Sweden  numismatists.
At Steven Aw Exhibition Booth
Mr. Wong Hon Sum, Ji Ann (China) and his mother
Mr. Wong Hon Sum (Singapore) , Mr. Vitoon ( Thailand) and Mr. Jeffery (Singapore)
Mr. Adam Biagi (USA)
Mr. Frederick Yow (Singapore) The Co-Editor Of Frank Goon Collection Book.
Mr. Govin (Malaysia)
Mr. Victor Ho (Singapore) The Ho Collections. Open every Sunday @ 18 Upper Cross St. China Square Central Flea Market. 2 nd Floor.
Mr. Jason Ng, Xia Xun (Malaysia), Mr. Tiger Sun, Vincent Tan (Singapore) and John Ting Sie Wei (Malaysia)
Mr. Kenneth Yung, Mr. Philip Cheng (Hong Kong), Mr. Lu, Mr. George, Ultimate Collection (Singapore)
Miss Lisa Leong and Mr. Oh (Singapore).
Mr. & Mrs. Tan Teck Seng (Singapore). Funan Stamp & Coin Agency
Mr. Anthony Tan ( Monetarium Auction,Singapore) and Friend Anthony Lee (Hong Kong). Thanks James Soh!!
Mr. Lawrence Chew (Singapore), Mr. Gilbert Chang (Kay L Guy, Malaysia), Mr. Wong (Singapore)
Mr. Wong, Mr. Lu , Mr. Leon -Monetarium Auction (Singapore), Mr. Lim Hai Boo (Malaysia) At Monetarium Singapore Office.
On 28-3-2015, in the morning of the second day of Singapore International Coin Fair 2015, I went to Mavin and Monetarium office before go to Marina Bay Sands. I was at the exhibition hall only until noon, because I need to rush back to Kuala Lumpur to attend the Bank Negara Malaysia Second Auction 2015 on Banknotes with special series numbers by their authorized auctioneer, The MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd.


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