History Of Sarawak Coinage

Sarawak issued its own coinage at intervals from 1841 to 1941.

The first coin was the One Keping 1841 minted in a private mint in Birmingham.

In 1863 coins were made by the Birmingham Mint in ¼ cent, ½ cent and one cent denominations and featured the bust of Rajah Brooke and the inscription “J. Brooke Rajah” for use in Sarawak. These coins established the new monetary standard for Sarawak where 100 cents was the equivalent of one dollar. The mintages of the 1863 pieces are unknown but considered low with the survival rate even lower. While these were the final coins issued under Rajah Brooke, they set the precedent for the future coinage of Sarawak’s White Rajahs. 
From 1863 onwards, all Sarawak coins were minted at Ralph Heaton & Son, Birmingham(after 1879 known as the Mint, Birmingham)

The coins featured the following three white “Rajas”/rulers:
1.Sir James Brooke (1841-1868)
2.Sir Charles Johnson Brooke (1868-1917)
3.Sir Charles Vyner Brooke(1917-1946)
Following the death of his father, Vyner succeeded on 17 May and was proclaimed Rajah on 24 May 1917 at Kuching. He took the oath before the Council Negri on 22 July 1918.Granted a knighthood in 1927, Vyner continued to run a hands-off and relatively popular administration that banned Christian missionaries and fostered indigenous traditions (to an extent; headhunting was outlawed).
Sarawak, however, was not immune to Japanese imperial ambition, which manifested itself in Sarawak on 25 December 1941. In that same year, he withdrew £200,000 from the Treasury for his personal expenses, in exchange for limiting his powers by a new constitution.Vyner and his family were visiting Sydney, Australia, where he would remain for the duration of the war.
Vyner returned to Sarawak on 15 April 1946 and temporarily resumed as Rajah, until 1 July 1946 when he ceded Sarawak to the British government as a crown colony, thus ending White Rajah rule in Sarawak.Vyner died in London at No. 13, Albion Street, Bayswater, W2 on 9 May 1963, four months before Sarawak as well as Malaya, Sabah and Singapore joined together to form the Federation of Malaysia.

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