Keping Or Pitis of Tin Coins of Patani-Kelantan 1261 A.H. (1845)
Tin coins of the Siamese State of Patani which circulated in Kelantan.
Obverse: " Ini Pitis Belanja Raja Patani".( This Pitis is the currency of the Raja of Patani)
Weight: 4.91gm. Diameter: 31mm. 
The State of Petani was an important trading centre between Siam,Cambodia and China. It is believed to have been founded by Raja of Kota Malikei named Wirin Piatu Nakapa Sulma who was converted to Islam with the name and title Sultan Ismail Shah. 

Reverse: " Khalifatul Muminin Sanat 1261.(Ruler of the Faithful).
In 1603 Patani was conquered by Siam. In 1767 Patani declared itself an independent Kingdom but was quickly put under Siamese control. Patani attempted to revolt in 1830/31 but was again subdued by Siam.In 1832 the State of Patani was broken up to seven small provinces which were placed under governorship of Malay Rajas or Sultans who were appointed by King of Siam. 

Year dated: 1261 A.H.
Five of the seven provinces created by Siam in 1832 are known to have issued coins.The provincial Malay Rulers were given the authority to mint coins around 1840. The issue of these coins was stopped by Siam in 1897. 
Resembled the figure of an elephant.

Though these coins were issued in the Siamese Provinces of the State of Patani, a fair number of these coins were circulated in the northern border regions of the State of Kelantan. Thus these coins may be treated as coins of Siam used in the northern border regions of the State of Kelantan. It is most probable that some of these coins could have circulated in the northern regions of the neighbouring State of Perak,Kedah and Perlis. (Source:Saran Singh)

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