Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2001 50 Sen With Die Adjustment Strike Coin.
Rarity: RR
The die alignment is adjusted by the technician at the hammer or reverse die. Alignment is important in that the tolerances between the feeder fingers, the collar and the die are quite small such that too much initial offset could result in damage to any of the above. To avoid this, the technician runs trial strikes at reduced pressure to test his adjustments. Although intentionally made, any that escape the mint are considered errors and are called a “Die Adjustment Strike.”
Die Adjustment Strikes are also known as die trials. This error occurs when a coin is struck from the press with very little pressure. When the press is being set up and adjusted, extremely weak strikes occur as the strike pressure reaches its optimum level.The resultant coins are very weakly struck and are gathered up afterwards to be destroyed and are rarely found in circulation.
Shown here is an example that showing only approximately 75% detail . The key diagnostic in identifying these is that there is equal weakness on all two sides – the reverse, and the obverse. The Mint technicians are very careful to prevent these from escaping the Mint; however, occasionally one will find its way out.


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