Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 5 Sen & 10 Sen Curve Clipped Planchet Error Coins.
Rarity : RRR
A clipped planchet or edge bite error coin occurs when a coin is struck on an incomplete planchet. Coin blanks are punched out from strips of metal using a high-speed punch. Sometimes the strip isn't pushed along far enough after the previous blank was punched and this results in a planchet that isn't fully rounded. The resulting planchet has been punched out of the strip where the previous blank was cut, thus leaving a 'bite' out of the blank. The resulting coin after it has been through the minting press has a curved clip on the side of the coin.

The Blakesley effect is named for the American numismatist who first described it. The Blakesley effect occurs on most genuine clipped planchet error coins and is characterised by weakness in the rim opposite the clipped end of the coin.
The Blakesley Effect is a term used to describe inefficient metal flow, opposite a clip on a coin ( "opposite a clip on a coin" it means the effect will be more or less CW/CCW180 degrees around the rim) from the clipped area., when the rim is formed and the subsequent imperfect or incomplete rim formed at that position after striking.


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