Unlisted Gold Kupang Of Kelantan Qama Amraha
Rarity: Unlisted (Saran Singh). S22( Dato Shah)

In the 15th century Kelantan was an independent sultanate but was attacked by Malacca during the rule of Sultan Mahmud Shah (1488-1511). In the 18th century, Kelantan was under the influence of Terengganu through a viceroy. However, a revolt led by a local royal family established an independent dynasty under Siamese suzerainty.

In 1909 after the Treaty of Bangkok, Kelantan came under the British protection after Siam surrendered its suzerainty rights in exchange for Britain's promise to give up any of its claim on Siam's territory.
This is a piece of unlisted Kelantan gold kupang. Its diameter is very  much smaller ,only 7.50 mm compared to a normal gold kupang with an usual diameter of 10.00 mm to 12.00 mm.

However, the weight is still at a normal weight of 0.60mm. (in this case is 0.64mm).

The Arabic inscription on the obverse, according to Dato Shahruddin's catalog is " Qama Amraha ", but when I refer to another senior collector of Malay States Sultanate Coinage, he reckoned as " Sahibu Aqamaddin." ( Sahabat Penegak Agama).

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In Arabic " Qama Amraha"

In Arabic " Khalifatul Rahman

Weight: 0.64 gm.

Diameter: 7.50mm.

Edge: Plain.

Composition: Gold.

It was listed in Dato Shahruddin's  Malay Sultanate Coinage Of Kelantan.

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