Forgery Kedah Tin Cockerel Primitive Money & Terengganu Pohon Pitis Tin Money Tree Are Rampant
In the recent Singapore Collectibles Auction Asia Coins & Banknotes Auction 6/2015 which was held on 3rd of October 2015 at Singapore, I had decided to withdrew two lots of the Malay Archipelago  Money, there were Lot :142 & Lot:143. the Kedah Tin Cockerel Primitive Money (18th century), the Tin Cockerel perched on 4 rings (Reserved Price S$800) and 6 rings  (Reserved Price S$900) respectively.

I had received a complaint prior the preview session. When I received some photos on the day of preview, I had told the owner of the auction house Mr. Wong Hon Sum to withdraw these lots.

These are the photos of how the forgery Kedah Tin Cockerel Primitive Money & the Terengganu Pohon  Pitis Tin Money Tree were made.

The informer would like to be remained as anonymous.

By looking at the newspaper at the background, the MR1M is the acronym of  "Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia (MR1M) - program makanan murah oleh Putrajaya", so I am pretty sure that these activities happened in Malaysia.

I was suggested by Mr. Alam Tunggal NurPutih to sock the suspicious items with olive oil for a few days. Then he told me to use a brush to clean the items. If the items are forgery, the outer layer will be soften and can be removed easily. The inner part is a skeleton of a cockerel that was made of lead. The outer layer is likely to be coated with fine sand.

I was offered by the consignor to do the experiment. The suspicious items will be arriving to my Dickson Niew Collection shop very soon. I will update the result.


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