The Bank Of Singapore Airlines 1985 $50,000 "Banknote".

Singapore Airlines, based at Singapore Changi Airport, is the flag carrier of the Republic of Singapore. Ranking amongst the top 15 carriers worldwide in terms of revenue passenger kilometres, and 10th in the world for international passengers carried, Singapore Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Asia.

On last Saturday (24-10-2015), during my trip to Singapore to attend the Monetarium Singapore Auction No.16, a very senior Singapore numismatist showed to me this unique "banknotes".
Knowing me love to do research on rare numismatic items, he wanted me to find out more information about this Bank of Singapore Airlines $50,000 "banknote".
The size of this "banknote" is measured at 126mm(Width) X 78mm (High). On the obverse, light yellow color back ground with dark green color designs. At the four corners are the logos of Singapore Airlines. On top-center is the inscription of "THE BANK OF SINGAPORE AIRLINES" in capital letters. Under the line are the Chinese characters " Xin Jia Po Hang Kong Gong Si Yin Zhuang ". Further down are wordings printed in capital letters but smaller in size inscription: "THIS IS NOT A LEGAL TENDER BANKNOTE. IT'S PRINTED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE AT SIA'S NOATALGIC EXTRAVAGANZA ON MARCH 13 1985".
Right at the center of this "banknote" is "FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS" and numbers "50000" in bolded and large size. Followed by "FOR THE BANK OF SINGAPORE AIRLINES", then two Signatures of Finance Secretary.
The Chinese characters " Wu Wan Yuan " were in an oval shape design displayed in vertical position on the left side and a portrait of a gentleman on the right. Who is the gentlemen ?
On the reverse, in dark green color, at four corners are the logos of Singapore Airlines. At the center is the Chinese characters  " Wu Wan Yuan " vertically displayed in an oval shape design  surrounded by floral ornaments.

I seek your assistant to find out more information on this The Bank Of Singapore Airlines "banknotes". Thank you very much in advance. Happy Niewmismatics !!


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