Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) Coins, Banknotes, Philatelic and Collectibles Items Auction 7/2016.(23 April 2016) Part 7

CAA auction focuses on South-East Asian especially Singapore and Malaysian ancient and modern coins, banknotes and artifacts including cannon money, Johor Empire gold coins and regional tin coins , China old and modern silver and gold coins,China republic banknotes, republic local exchange notes and Chinese RMB and Japanese occupied Malaya banknotes from the personal collection of Mr. Wong Hon Sum and many more.
Date & Venue
Saturday. 23 April 2016.
Morning Session (Coins)- 9.00am
Afternoon Session (Banknotes)-1.00pm.

Landmark Room, Level 6,
Landmark Village Hotel
390 Victoria Street
Singapore 188061

Public Viewing
Friday. 22 April 2016
9.00am to 6.00pm

Landmark Room, Level 6,
Landmark Village Hotel
390 Victoria Street
Singapore 188061

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Collection :
Dickson Niew Collection
No.58, Jalan SS14/2, SS14,
47500, Subang Jaya,
Tel: +60179796337

Funan Stamp & Coin Agency
101, Upper Cross Street,
People's Park Centre,
#B1-17E (Basement)
Singapore 058357
Tel: +65 65323588
Hp: +65 92355539.

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Lot 377
SG, 1974, C-N 20c, Error, NGC MS 66 
Singapore, 1974, C-N 20c, half of split planchet, reverse half of a split after strike, 2.8g. NGC MS 66
新加坡, 1974年, 铜镍2角, 错体, 重 2.8克. NGC鉴评 MS 66                                          
EstimateSGD100 – SGD200
Starting BidSGD100

Lot 379
Malaysia, 1994,1992 & 1973  mint error. 3pcs 
Malaysia, 1994, 10 Sens struck on 1 Sen CU-Clad steel planchet; 1992, 10 Sens struck on 5 Sens C-N planchet; 1973, 20 Sens struck on 10 Sens planchet, mint error. 3pcs. plain edge. UNC
马来西亚, 1994年, 1角铸在1分板; 1992年, 1角铸在5分板; 1973年, 2角铸在1角板. 错体3枚. 光边. UNC                                           
EstimateSGD200 – SGD300
Starting BidSGD200

Lot 383
Malaysia, mint error 
Malaysia, 1971-88, C-N 50 Sens and Ringgit, Planchet with lettered edge, weight: 9.3gm and 16.9gm, respectively, both graded by NGC, mint error
马来西亚, 1971-88年, 铜镍5角及1令吉, 板边有字, 重量分别为9.3及16.9克. 均为NGC鉴评, 错体                                          

EstimateSGD400 – SGD500
Starting BidSGD400

Lot 387
Penang, 1786, Copper Pice, East India Company, mint 
Penang, 1786, Copper Pice, East India Company, uniface, S-973, PR-5, TanP15, mint error, double struck. NGC F15 BN
槟城, 1786年, 铜 Pice, 东印度公司, 重打错体. NGC鉴评 F15 BN
EstimateSGD240 – SGD300
Starting BidSGD240
Lot 390

MY, 2009, C-N 50 Sen, mint error, NGC MS 67 

 Malaysia, 2009, C-N 50 Sen, mint error, face and back, both off center, double struck. NGC MS 67
马来西亚, 2009年, 铜镍50分, 错体, 正背面偏离中心, 双重打铸. NGC鉴评 MS67                                          
EstimateSGD150 – SGD200
Starting BidSGD150

Lot 392
Malaya & British Borneo, 1961, C-N 5c, mint error. NGC MS64
Malaya & British Borneo, 1961, C-N 5c, mint error, mirror brockage on obverse. NGC MS 64
马来亚与英属婆罗洲, 1961年, 铜镍5分, 错体, 背面. NGC鉴评 MS 64
EstimateSGD300 – SGD400
Starting BidSGD300

Lot 399
Labuan, 1880, 2c yellow green, with watermark reverse fine used (Isc 5a, CV RM550); Labuan, 1885, 2c on 16c blue, fine used (Isc 24, CV RM720); Labuan, 1891, 6c on 8c, mint (Isc 30, CV RM600); Labuan, 1880, 2c yellow green block of 8 fresh unmounted mint (Isc 5, CV RM720)
纳闽, 1880年贰分旧票水印颠倒, 美品; 纳闽, 1885年改值邮票贰分加盖在搭陆分票面上 旧票,美品; 纳闽, 1891年改值邮票6分加盖在8分票面上, 新票美品背贴纸; 纳闽, 1880年2分8连票全新未用美品
EstimateSGD440 – SGD500
Starting BidSGD440

Lot 400
Brunei, 1895, first local issue c - $1, complete set 16v with shades, fresh unmounted mint (Isc BR1, CV RM 840); Brunei, 1895, first local issue 5c omplete sheet of 50 stamp fresh unmounted mint (Isc.5, CV RM1,750)
汶莱, 1895年, 首套地方票半分至壹元新票共16枚含不同版别; 汶莱, 1895年首套地方票5分全版50枚新票

EstimateSGD460 – SGD520
Starting BidSGD460

Lot 402
Brunei, 1922, Malaya Borneo Exhibition, 1c - $1, 9v complete fine used (Isc BR6, CV RM 2700); Brunei, 1924, 1c - $1, complete set 21v including colour shades fine used (Isc BR7, CV RM1700)
汶莱, 1922年加盖 “Malaya-Borneo Exhibition” 壹分至壹元全套共9枚; 汶莱, 1924年通用票壹分至壹元含不同版别共21枚旧票美品

EstimateSGD830 – SGD900
Starting BidSGD800

Lot 405
North Borneo, 1922 €œMalaya Borneo Exhibition€ 1c variety €œExhibiticn€ for €œExhibition€ mint (Isc 226d, CV RM3500); North Borneo, 1922, €œMalaya Borneo Exhibition€ 1c €“ 50c 14v complete fine used (Isc 226-239) CV RM2600)
北婆罗洲, 1922年1分加盖错字 “Exhibiticn” 为 “Exhibition” 新票; 北婆罗洲, 1922年加盖 “Malaya-Borneo Exhibition” 1分至50分旧票共14枚全套 美品

EstimateSGD980 – SGD1,200
Starting BidSGD950

Lot 406
North Borneo, 1942, Revenue 2c, 8c, block of 4, mint green tonning (Isc NJR 4,7, CV RM960)
日治北婆罗洲, 1942年, 印花税票加盖 “封缄纸” 2分与8分四方连新票胶微黄

EstimateSGD180 – SGD240
Starting BidSGD180

Lot 419
Straits Settlements, 1923, KG V, $25 used (Isc 218, CV RM800); Straits Settlements, 1922 €œMalaya Borneo Exhibition€ 1c - $5, 14v fine used (Isc, 223-237, Ex 229, CV RM5500)
海峡殖民地, 1923年爱德华七世 $25盖新加坡1934年邮戳, 美品; 海峡殖民地, 1922年加盖 “Malaya-Borneo Exhibition” 14枚 旧票

EstimateSGD1,020 – SGD1,500
Starting BidSGD1,000

Lot 429
Labuan, 1891, surcharged 6c on 8c in block of 4, Fine used (Isc.30, CV RM2000)
纳闽, 1891年8分加盖改值 “6 cents” 四方连盖销票 上品

EstimateSGD400 – SGD500
Starting BidSGD400

Lot 439
Selangor 1941 Sultan Hisamud-din $5, prepared for use but not issue in margin block of 6, fine u.m. in original brown gum, very scarce in multiple block (Isc.93, CV RM 6400)
雪兰莪, 1941年苏丹像未正式发售 $5元六方连新票 上品

EstimateSGD1,100 – SGD1,500
Starting BidSGD1,100

Lot 444
China, Culure Revolution Stamp                                            
China, 1967, W1, Thoughts of Mao Tse-tung complete set mint unhinged strip some past separated中国 1967年, 文1, 毛主席语录新票全套11枚, 连票部份分开
EstimateSGD4,500 – SGD6,000
Starting BidSGD4,400

And more......
To be continued..............


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