LOT(51)   4pcs.   Malaysia 8th Series AA code letters RM2, RM10, RM50, and RM100 Ahmadd Don's    signature   UNC   RM250.Realised Price:280.00

LOT(52)   2pcs.   Malaysia 9th Series RM50 BJ 0000222 and AF 0000222 Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature    UNC   RM1200

LOT(53)   1pc.     Malaysia 5th Series RM500 ZV 2751066 Aziz Taha's Signature    EF    RM1200

LOT(54)   2pcs.   Malaysia 6th Series RM1000 ZY 8082384/85 Jaffar Hussein's signature (centre fold)    GEF   RM3000 Realised Price:3000.00
LOT(55)   10pcs.  Malaysia 5th Series RM100 ZA 5461520/29 Aziz Taha's signature   UNC   RM2000 Realised Price:2600.00
LOT(56)   10pcs.  Malaysia 5th Series RM100 ZA 5461530/39 Aziz Taha's signature   UNC   RM2000 Realised Price:2600.00

LOT(57)   10pcs.  Malaysia 5th Series RM50 VB 4753340/49 Aziz Taha's signature (minor handling mark at bottom right corner)   UNC   RM1000.Realised Price:1000.00

LOT(58)   10pcs.  Malaysia 5th Series RM50 VB 4753350/59 Aziz taha's signature (minor handling mark at bottom right corner)   UNC   RM1000.Realised Price:1200.00

LOT(59)   1pc.     Malaya 5 Cents 1941 (Variety "b" & "d")   AU   RM200

LOT(60)   7pcs.   Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Malaya $10 with Serial nos: MA058675, MA178576, MA200
481, MA318714, MA731183, MA881418 & MA915773   VF-EF   RM700
Realised Price:700.00

LOT(61)   3pcs.   Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Oceania One shilling, Ten shillings & One Pound   AU   RM350

LOT(62)   1pc.    Brunei 1 Cent (Copper) 1887 (toned)
                            Obverse: Five pointed Star and Jawi inscriptions
                            Reverse: Figure "1", surrounded by legend "SULTANATE OF BRUNEI             
1304"(toned)   UNC   RM450Realised Price:450.00


LOT(63)   1pc.    Straits Settlements 5Cents 1874H (weak stike)   EF   RM800

LOT(64)   1pc.    Penang 1/2 Pice 1718 (Balemark series)   GVF   RM800

LOT(65)   1pc.    Penang 1pice 1810 (Coat of Arms series)   GVF   RM250

LOT(66)   1pc.    Penang Straits Settlements King George VI Coronation Medal 1936
                            Obverse: George VI and Elizabeth
                            Reverse: Penang's Coat of Arms   VF   RM50Realised Price:80.00

LOT(67)   1pc.    Malaysia 20 Cents 1973 Error (with security edge)
                            Obverse and Reverse with usual design
                            4.03 grammes (lighter than common pieces)   UNC   RM400Realised Price:400.00

LOT(68)   1pc.    Terengganu Tin Jokoh 1895 (SS 38)
                            Obverse: In Chinese, "Hiap Hin Kongsi"
                            Reverse: In Jawi, "Ini Juru Bahasa Punya"   GVF   RM100

LOT(69)   1pc.    Johor tin Katun (SS 28A)
                            Obverse: Sultan Ratu Pangeran Taha, Reverse: Blank   AEF   RM25

LOT(70)   1pc.    Kedah Tin Ring (SS20d)
                            Broken off Tin Cockerels Animal Money of Sultan Muhammad Jiwa period, i.e 1710-1773   GVF   RM50

LOT(71)   1pc.    Malaya / Indonesia Unknown Tin Token / Jokoh
                            Obverse: In Chinese, "Ma Nao" Reverse: In Chinese, "Kong Si" Diameter: 27mm
 EF   RM150

LOT(72)   1pc.    Malaya / Indonesia Unknown Tin Token / Jokoh
                            Obverse: In Chinese, "Zhong He Gong Zheng" Reverse: In Chinese, "Zhi Shan"
                            Diameter: 29mm   EF   RM150

LOT(73)   1pc.    Indonesia Cheribon Chinese Tin Pitis 1700's
                            Obverse: In crude Chinese, "Shi Li Dan Bao" (translated, "Treasure of Cheribon) Reverse: Blank   GF   RM25

LOT(74)   9pcs.   Malacca Sultanate Collection of Tin Pitis (These 9 coin are being auctioned off as one lot - RM900)
                            a) Sultan Muzaffar Shah (1446-56) Double Pitis
                            Obverse: Muzaffar Shah Al Sultan, Reverse: Nasir Al Dunia Wal Din Double Thickness.  (UNLISTED)   VG
                           b) Sultan Muzaffar Shah 1 Pitis (SS 1)
                           Obverse: Muzaffar Shah Al Sultan, Reverse: Nasir Al Dunia Wai Din   VF
                           c) Sultan Muzaffar Shah 1/2 Pitis (SS 2)
                           Obverse: Muzaffar Shah Al Sultan, Reverse: Nasir Al Dunia Wai Din   GF
                           d) Sultan Muzaffar Shah 1/4 Pitis (UNLISTED)
                           Obverse: Muzaffar Shah Al Sultan, Reverse: Nasir Al Dunia Wai Din   FINE
                           e) Sultan Mansur Shah (1456-77) 1/2 Pitis (SS4)
                           Obverse: Mansur Shah Ibnu Muzaffar Shah Al Adil, Reverse: Nasir Al Dunia Wai Din    FINE
                           f) Sultan Alauddin (1477-88) 1 Pitis (UNLISTED)
                           Obverse: Alauddin Ibnu Mansur, Reverse: Al Sultan Al Adil   ABT FINE
                           g) Sultan Mahmud (1488-1511) 1Pitis (SS7)
                           Obverse: Al Sultan Mahmud, Reverse: Al Sultan Al Adil   AVF
                           h) Sultan Ahmad (1510) 1Pitis (SS9)
                           Obverse: Ahmad Ibnu Madmud Shah, Reverse: Al Sultan Al Adil   FINE
                           i) Anonymous Tin One Pitis (SS12)     
                           Obverse & Reverse: Al Sultan Al Adil   AVF

LOT(75)   5pcs.    Malaysia 1st Series RM1 A/2 579708 (EF) A/2 579709/12 (GEF/AU) lsmail Ali's sign   RM80Realised Price:80.00

LOT(76)   1pc.     Malaysia 1st Series RM1 B/41 468642 Ismail Ali's signature   GEF   RM15.Realised Price:15.00

LOT(77)   1pc.     Malaysia 1st Series RM1 A/26 890799 Ismail Ali's signature   AU    RM90.Realised Price:90.00

LOT(78)   1pc.     Malaysia 1st Series RM10 B/1 656930 Ismail Ali's signature   EF  RM200

LOT(79)   1pc.     Malaysia 1st Series RM10 B/69 816618 Ismail Ali's signature   GEF   RM180

LOT(80)   1pc.     Malaysia 1st Series RM50 A/7 943808 Ismail Ali's signature   GVF   RM300Realised Price:320.00

LOT(81)   1pc.     Malaysia 1st Series RM50 A/21 808275 Ismail Ali's signature   EF   RM350Realised Price:370.00

LOT(82)   2pcs.     Malaysia 2nd Seris RM1 E/1 533875/76 Ismail Ali's signature   GEF   RM40Realised Price:40.00

LOT(83)   2pcs.     Malaysia 2nd Series RM5 A/49 114901/02 Ismail Ali's signature   EF   RM80. Realised Price:130.00

LOT(84)   1pc.     Malaysia 2nd Series Replacement RM10 Z/1 391321 Ismail Ali's signature   GVF   RM200Realised Price:260.00

LOT(85)   1pc.     Malaysia 2nd Series RM50 A/48 847433 Ismail Ali's signature   GEF   RM380

LOT(86)   1pc.     Malaysia 2nd Series RM50 A/60 053530 Ismail Ali's signature   EF   RM300


  1. Hi Dickson,
    This 20sen error coin listed here is not cheap :D

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Is a Wrong Planchet Errors.Very Unique!
    May be a little bit on the high side.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Maybe its high time for errors to play catch up with the rest of the numismatic items, haha.
    Thanks a lot for the rich information, Dickson :)

  4. Hello Mr Dickson,
    For the Lot 69, if I am not mistaken it is Jambi coin, not Johor pitis.

  5. Dear mnfaj,
    I am not good on Malaysia old coins,to find the truth,please come to the auction on 26th.June 2011.Datang beramai-ramai!

  6. Dear whycollect,
    A Singaporian collector is eyeing on it!
    Me too!

  7. Hi Dickson,
    Oh, like that you must by all means outbid him so that you can show it to us.
    Otherwise, it will be gone forever, haha.
    Honestly, we have the same type of feelings when buying good puerh tea.
    Once a good stash is found, we would combine our resources to acquire it.
    And even if the amount is too small to be shared out among us, one of us will try to acquire it so that it remain in our circle.
    But we know its not easy to outbid the Singaporeans or the Chinese.
    They are very strong buyers.
    Anyway, all the best to you.
    May the best man wins.
    Good luck, Dickson :)

  8. Dear whycollect,
    I will try to persuade him to let me have it!
    He is in KL now and became good friend.He is the God Father of JIM notes,I already got his approval to permit me to publish some materials from his book!Cheers!

  9. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, thats great!
    And really very kind of him to allow you to share his wonderful collection with us.
    Looking forward to your postings.
    Cheers :)