LOT(131)  6pcs.  Malaysia 6th Series RM1 GK 3243294, RM5 PL 5634594, RM10 UR 8158294, RM20 TG 9795894, RM50 ZH 7413494 and RM100 AA 9429994 all notes ending with '94' Jaffar Hussien's signature, Thomas De La Rue   UNC   RM580

LOT(132)  2pcs.  Malaysia 7th Series RM100 AP 2127459/60 Ahmad Don's signature, Harrion & Sons   UNC   RM450.Realised Price:470.00.

LOT(133)  2pcs.   Malaya & British Borneo $1 1959 A/1 773113 Waterlow & Sons & B/1 652950 Thomas De La Rue   Fine   RM60.Realised Price:60.00.

LOT(134)  9pcs.   Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Malaya 1 Cent, 5 Cents, 10 Cents, 50 Cents, 1 Dollar, 5 Dollrs, 10 Dollars, 100 Dollars & 1000 Dollars   UNC   RM150

LOT(135) 10pcs. Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Malaya 1 Cent, 5 Cents, 10 Cents, 50 Cents, 1 Dollar, 5 Dollrs, 10 Dollars, 100 Dollars(2) & 1000 Dollars including 100 Dollars Rubber Tappers   UNC   RM240

LOT(136)  1pc.    The Ho Hong Bank Ltd Singapore, Sola of Exchange no 15/606 dated 23 June 1931 for Mexican Dollars 500 payable to Cheong Keng Guan   EF   RM80.Realised Price:170.00.

LOT(137)  1pc.    The Bank of Malaya Ltd Ipoh, Receipt no J15 Dated 8 June 1932 for $53.76 received form S P S Sathappa Chettiar   EF   RM80.Realised Price:80.00.

LOT(138)  1pc.    Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Penang, First of Exchange no 5/157 dated 23 February 1937 for Shanghai Dollars 149.64   EF   RM80.Realised Price:110.00.

LOT(139)  1pc.    The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Penang, Second of Exchange no D23304 dated 24 March 1958 for Aust Pound 150 payable to Pak Koi Yong   EF   RM80.
Realised Price:80.00.

LOT(140)  8pcs.   Malaya & British Borneo 50 Cents 1954, 1955H, 1956, 1957H, 1957KN, 1958H, 1961 & 1961H   Average-GVF/EF   RM350.Realised Price:350.00.

LOT(141)  1pc.     Malaysia RM25 1976 Conservation Commemoration (.925 Silver)   GEF   RM150

LOT(142)  1pc.     Malaysia RM25 1977 9th SEA Games Commemoration (.925 Silver)   PROOF   RM250

LOT(143)  1pc.     Malaysia RM1 & RM5 1986 PATA (.500 Silver)   PROOF   RM360

LOT(144)  1pc.     Malaysia RM5 & RM25 (.925 Silver) 1989 Chogam   PROOF   RM250

LOT(145)  1pc.     The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. Hongkong Dollars 20 1st January 1995 encased in thick plastic, used as paper weight   RM150

LOT(146)  1pc.     Straits Settlements 1/4 Cent 1916   UNC   RM100.Realised Price:130.00.

LOT(147)  1pc.     Straits Settlements 1 Cent 1920   UNC   RM60.Realised Price:80.00.

LOT(148)  1pc.     Straits Settlements 5 Cents 1900   GEF   RM250

LOT(149)  1pc.     Straits Settlements 1 Dollar 1907   EF   RM200

LOT(150)  1pc.     Straits Settlements 50 Cents 1886 (nicks on rim)   VF   RM480

LOT(151)  1pc.     Kelantan pitis 1321AH Obv: Belanjaan Kerajaan Kelantan   UNC   RM30

LOT(152)  1pc.     Singgora Tin Bia (One hundred one dollar)
                              Obv: In Chinese Sung-Cheng Tung Pao (Signapora currency)
                              Rev: In Malaya "Negeri Singgora" In Thai "Songkla"                  VF   RM150
Realised Price:150.00.

LOT(153)  2pcs.   Malaysia 6th Series RM100 ZY 0211075/76 Jaffar Hussein's signature, United States Banknote   UNC   RM800

LOT(154)  2pcs.   Malaysia 6th Series RM100 ZT 0436036 Thomas De La Rue & ZT 8226236 United States Banknote, both with Jaffar Hussein's signature   EF   RM380

LOT(155)  2pcs.   Malaysia 6th Series RM100 AG 0505200 Jaffar Hussein's signature (EF) & AG 9687063 Ahmad Don's signature (AEF), both by Thomas De La Rue   RM380

LOT(156)  2pcs.   Malaysia 7th Series RM50 AB 1166813/14 Ahmad Don's signature, Francois Charles   AU   RM550

LOT(157)  1pc.    Malaysia Melaka Historical City RM10 1989 (.925 Silver)   PROOF   RM150.
Realised Price:150.00.

LOT(158)  1pc.    Malaysia 20th Anniversary WWF RM25 1992 (.925 Silver)   PROOF   RM140
Realised Price:140.00.

LOT(159)  1pc.    Malaysia 25th Anniversary BNM RM25 1984 (.500 Silver)   PROOF   RM150
Realised Price:150.00.

LOT(160)  1pc.    Malaysia 25th Anniversary BNM RM25 1984 (.500 Silver)   PROOF   RM150 Realised Price:150.00.

LOT(161)  1pc.    Malaysia 30th Anniversary BNM RM30 1989 (.925 Silver)   PROOF   RM180
Realised Price:180.00.

LOT(162)  1pc.    Malaysia 5th Malaysia Plan RM1 1986   PROOF   RM80.Realised Price:85.00.

LOT(163)  1pc.    Malaysia 5th Malaysia Plan RM25 1986 (.500 Silver)   PROOF   RM180
Realised Price:180.00.

LOT(164)  1pc.    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 100 years RM25 1990 (.925 Silver)   PROOF   RM120
Realised Price:130.00.

LOT(165)  1pc.    Malaysia United Nations Decade for Women RM25 1985 (.925 Silver)    PROOF   RM580Realised Price:600.00.

LOT(166)  5pcs.  The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Hongkong $5 1969 (GVF), Mercantile Bank of India Hongkong $5 1941 (VG), 1Cent KG VI (1) F & QE ll (2) VF   RM200
Realised Price:300.00.

LOT(167)  1pc.    England, Bank of England 10 shillings 1960's   VF   RM30Realised Price:30.00.

LOT(168)  1pc.    Malaya 25 Cents 1940 D 104373   VF   RM600Realised Price:900.00.

LOT(169)  1pc.    Malaya 10 Cents 1940 H 228956   GVF   RM400Realised Price:400.00.

LOT(170)  1pc.    Singapore $2 (Orange) Ship series 1991 3 piece uncut in folder   UNC   RM100 Realised Price:100.00.

(To Be continued)


  1. Hi Dickson,
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